Monday, March 03, 2008

Fun and Exciting

So this weekend was good. :)

Friday afternoon I had to leave work early to make it to my Lasik appointment. After a very strange experience, I didn't end up getting seen on Friday. (I might explain later, but locals, avoid Lomis Lasik and Eye Care).

I called around and remembered having heard VERY good things about King and Machovick Lasik (off 405 in Renton) and gave them a call. They were able to get me in at 9am on Saturday! So great. :) That way I could still figure out if I was a candidate BEFORE I had to turn in my new benefit info today.

Friday afternoon I met up with Courtney and we headed out to Bingo again in Auburn.

I heart Bingo. I would heart it even more if we won, but it's still fun. :) 2 people near us won so that was exciting. ;) We had a coupon that expired 2/29 (that night) so we decided to stay for the late night session (so we were there from 6:30pm - 2am). We were tired. And we didn't win. But we had fun. :)

Saturday morning I went in for my exam:
And I'm a candidate!!!
YAY!!! I can't have the surgery until after April 1st, so
I scheduled it for Friday, April 4th.
It's still pretty pricey, but I can justify the cost about 500 ways, so that's cool.

This does mean I won't be going to the 20 hour crop, though. Sad. :(

I ended up napping and talking to my sister for awhile. We were trying to go see a movie, but it didn't end up happening, so we hit up Best Buy. I bought the Demitri Martin comedy CD - it's pretty funny - full of one liners and fun stuff. Sunday morning I went to church - probably not going to do that again for awhile. I went more out of wanting something to do (with people - not like kickboxing when it tends to be just by myself) and didn't like that people (parents) thought I was going cause I wanted to be THERE, so...yeah. Had a little bit of an emotional breakdown afterwards (some strange dreams making the whole "getting over Jason" issue difficult), took another nap (I don't know...don't ask) and headed up to hang out with Courtney. It was good times.

In other news....

I think it's funny that pic has a pair of jeans...having lost 30 pounds, my pants are a little loose, but the pants that I have that are a size smaller are still too small. That's frustrating. GO AWAY, TUMMY!! :) (and get back here, boobs!! - ha!)

I don't know how realistic this is, but our Richest Loser competition ends in 33 days and I would LOVE to have lost a total of 50 pounds. These past few weeks have been bad for me - lots of "whoops" meals and 2-workout weeks, but I'm still losing because of the food changes (totally lucky). So I'm planning to kickbox 3 times per week and then do one (or more) days at the gym or add in another kickboxing class (it's so expensive - I should be going every day - ha) I totally think I could do it and would LOVE that $ how great would it be to have gone through all of this and end up SKINNIER?! :) I'm doing the numbers to see what the competition would have to do and it will be tough, but I'm serious about doing this the healthy way so I can KEEP it off.

So the current countdowns:

33 days until Richest Loser competition annouces I'm the winner (power of positive thinking)

31 days until my Lasik

22 days until I am allowed to talk to Jason (hey - had to throw that in. Whether I will or not is TBD).


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