Thursday, March 13, 2008


I am pretty loopy today.
No particular reason, but I'm weirder than normal.

For example, I asked Courtney what she was doing tonight. She said she was going to watch her husband play in a pool tournament. I asked if she would be getting into a brawl (she's never been in a brawl, so I'm not sure where that came from) and if I could be in it too - cause you know with kickboxing I've gotten really good at uppercuts and hooks. Not so much jabs, those need work.

What the heck was I talking about?
BTW: I really hate having to stop what I'm doing to go to the bathroom. Or eat.
When I was working for MI Chiropractic back in 2005-2006, there was a massage therapist named Erin that I adored - both for massage and her personality. Around the time I left, she moved away and they hired a girl named Lauren. Lauren wasn't quite so good, but I still liked her a lot. About a year ago, Lauren went back to school, but her sister was also working at MI Chiro, so I started going to her. She was equally as good. Anyway, she just left, and the girl that's left at the office - not a fan.
I've been calling around to different places today to find someone that can bill my insurance, and it's just not going as well as I'd like. I'm impatient - I don't want to wait until next week. I'm in PAIN. (these aren't relaxation massages - these are the ones where you're sore for 2 days after because your knots were THAT bad.) Lame.
There was no point to that story. Or this post. Thanks for those 5 minutes - you won't get them back.

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