Thursday, March 06, 2008

Becky the Brunette!

Somebody has brown hair now.... :)
(I love it!!)

  • 2 days until I get to road trip to TOMs with Asia (consolation prize for not going to the 20 hour crop - sad)
  • 9 days until Lois Lowry (author of The Giver - my favorite book ever) is speaking in Seattle
  • 11 days until St. Patty's Day - hopefully going to O'Finnigans Pub in Bothell/Everett
  • 14 days until Winter Quarter Ends (finally!!)
  • 19 days until I can talk to Jason again
  • 25 days until Spring Quarter Starts (yuck)
  • 26 days until April Fools Day (my favorite Holiday! bwah ha ha)
  • 29 days until my Lasik!!
  • 31 days until Richest Loser ends (and I win) :)
  • 42 days until I fly to California with the Fam.


endurancegirl said...

becky! i love your blog! i just started one (well, started one a year ago and now restarting it). I'm not letting it be completely public yet, but if you want to be on the reader list of my ever exciting life (not!!), let me know and we can be blog buddies. Cool to hear about your kickboxing, you go girl! :)

endurancegirl said...

oh by the way, it's me, Laura :)