Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So yesterday the only consolance I could give myself was that I was still Jason's #1 friend on Myspace.

Today he moved me off his top friends. And put the other girl as #1. Above his best friend, even.

I broke the 30 day rule and IM'ed him.

He told me he had met someone and that he had learned from our relationship that it's not good to talk to girls, especially an ex (he had kept hidden from me the fact that he was talking to a friend and then didn't make an effort to make me feel better) so he wanted to wrap things up. I told him I was happy that he was happy, hope she realizes how lucky she is and that I'm always here as a friend.

He made a point of saying that the friendship wouldn't be good (for the reasons above) but that he hopes I'm happy too.

And that's it.

I will see him on April 6th at our final weigh-in (that's the one thing we did chat about. I've lost 40 pounds and he's lost 50, but because it's based on % of body weight, I'm beating him by 1%) but that will most likely be the last time.

This sucks, but it answers a lot of questions and kinda shoves me in the right direction.

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