Monday, December 24, 2007

Lowdown on the Loot

So this birthday was FAN-FRIGGIN-TASTIC. Seriously.
No Joke. I'm serious.
Here are some visuals, just in case you were curious:

The aforementioned eye brush kit from Asia:

Which will go well with my new MAC eye shadows from my sister:
(not these colors, this is a google pic)

Sister also got me Scattergories, which is FANTASTIC cause it's a favorite and my old version was in my trunk and ...long got ruined.

Brother wants us to fly down to LA to visit him, so he got me an American Airlines $50 gift card (good thinking brother!): My parents love me and want me to sleep well, so they got me a 250 gig External Harddrive. Which is funny because my laptop is only 80 gig. It will last FOREVER. :) (the sleep well is because I was having dreams that I lost all the pictures on my computer and I was REALLY sad):
I also got clothes from Jenn and Clint (a white vest that is perfect!! Not too flat, not too puffy - and it works with a t-shirt or sweater/sweatshirt under it!!!!) and a Birthday Girl wine glass from Courtney. (which I have used and ADORE)

A co-worker also got me these:

And this one that I've actually never seen:


This past weekend, Jason and I went up to a family friend's house on Whidbey Island. It used to be a bed and breakfast and it is HUGE. Let me tell you. 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, hot tub, ocean view, 50" flat screen with Bose surround sound, pool table, etc. It was a good time! :)

Friday night he gave me the gifts he had gotten me - that boy knows me SO well. :) I heart him!!
A diamond necklace (!!!!!!!) similar to this:

And a Nintendo DS!!!!!!!!!!! I am ridiculously addicted after only 3 days. :)
He got me this game which is actually 23 games in one cartridge - it's kinda like the little table-top arcade games at bars. It has SO many good games. LOVE IT - can't stop playing it.
All in all, it was an AMAZING birthday - not just presents, I felt totally overwhelmed with everyone's generosity. It was REALLY fun.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm Old(er)!

Happy Birthday to Me!
I am old. 25 even. That's 1/2 way to 50. YIKES!
I went out to dinner with some friends last night. It was ridiculously fun, although I am feeling the "leftovers" a little today. Ha.
Waiting for our table:
Asia and I:
Me and Kimberley:
Asia gave me MAC eye brushes!! I'm a real girl now! :)
This is Courtney's daughter, Emma. She likes to eat butter. By itself. She's hilarious: Joe and Kimberley:
Clint and Jason (I guess Jenn was telling a really good story - they look like they are paying close attention)
Clint thinks pictures aren't funny. Oh and there's Adam:
Eye Heart Birthdays!!

In other news,

I have a 4.0. And I only have 8 more classes until I am DONE with my AA and can start "real" college, AND I am on BCC's Dean's List and have been invited to be in their greek honor student program thing. Fun fun fun. I'm a nerd.

Decemeber 07 Scrappy Hour

So some of my friends and I actually got together to scrapbook.
I know.

I can hardly believe it too.

The cast of characters:


Asia has an amazing camera (Canon Digital Rebel XT) and she let me play with it. She rocks. And she makes ridculously cute/cool cards. And she has a ridiculously clean "workspace" compared to all the rest of us.

I really like this picture of her and Deanna, our favorite Mad Scrapper employee/owner.



(oh there's Marla AND Jenn)

And Andrea (Jenn's SIL):

Oh, and I was there too:

Some random cardstock: And a card I liked (those aren't mints, they are paper wrapped in celophane.) CRAZY!
It was fun. I got hardly anything done, but I expected that. :) Until next time...

Dane in Real Life!

Totally catching up from WAY BACK -

The Dane Cook show was FANTASTIC!! SO FUN!!

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. :)
We are cute!! (This was our 2 year anniversary gift to each other)

And I gave my sister her ticket, and her friend came along too (Melissa, Sister, me):He was looking at me! :)
And of course some idiot had to jump on stage and asked "Hey, Dane, wanna trade shirts?!?!" Weirdo:


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pre-Dane excitement

So I had my phone in my pocket and sent my sister and Jason this email:

"Only 9 hours and 20 minutes until we see Dane live!!!!!!"

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and saw I had 2 text messages sent to me the same time I sent the email.
From sister:
"Happy Dane Day!!" and "I'm taking the baby (she's a nanny) to the Science Center today to wander around just in case... ;) "

From Jason:
"I don't really want to work today - I'm too excited to see Dane tonight!"
And my sister said a few days ago that her friend going with us took the day off work cause she knew she would be distracted all day! :)

Yeah...we're stoked. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving with the fam

Thanksgiving was a little different this year, it fell on my sister's 27th birthday! We wanted to do something a little different and special for her, so my mom booked dinner at the Space Needle!!
She was excited:
As cool of a view as this is, I love the shadow of the needle in the lower left.
Working our way around...
Oh pretty:
The fountain!
The stadiums, my office and Mt Rainier: This sign was on the little basket they sit in to clean the windows of the Space Needle. Cause if I fell, I would want my neck to stop me...
Our dinner was the "Thanksgiving Sampler" - Turkey, Ham, Stuffing, Veggies, rolls, and I'm sure some other stuff I'm forgetting.
Evidently none of the girls in my family like Cranberry Sauce - good thing Dad does. Someone put this oragami bird on the windowsill so as we moved around we saw it. I totally thought of Prison Break. :)
They came around to our table to take our picture. I'm cheap and didn't want to buy one, so I took a picture of the screen they show it to you on. :)
Then came dessert - I got the Apple Tart:
Mom got the Pumpkin Pie:
Dad got Pecan Pie:
Then we headed up to the Observation Deck. Of course pictures followed:
Sister, sister:

Dad, sister, Mom:

Me, sister, Mom:

Dad, me and Mom. Dad stood on his toes (I'm actually taller) The `rents:
Dad, me, sister, mom. (The back row bent down to get the skyline in)
Fun! While we were at the Needle, my brother called to tell me that he and his wife had decided that morning to fly up from L.A. to visit. I wasn't supposed to tell my family, but needed to make things happen, so that was tricky but fun. :)

After the Needle we made a pit stop at Kmart (they were open???) to kill some time before we went to see "Dan in Real Life": It was pretty good!! Dane Cook is just dreamy. :)After that, we went to my parents house, I had to run up to Mercer Island to feed the dogs and cats I was sitting for, and then we headed back to my parents house for cake and ice cream. We were all hanging out and my brother and sister-in-law showed up. Yay!

(they didn't really wear that - I forgot to take a picture of them!)

So that was fun.

Friday morning I had to work at 6:30am - ridiculous! But I wasn't about to let that stop me from the sales so I woke up EARLY and hit the mall at 4:30am. I got TONS of great deals and am almost finished with all of Jasons gifts. Yay! I got some stuff for me too. :)

This week is all anticipation of Thursday when Jason, sister, sister's friend and I will all be going to see... DANE COOK!!!

We got 13th row seats so I am totally stoked - you'd better believe I'll have pictures to share.

A little inside joke for other Dane fans:


Have a good one!