Thursday, October 18, 2007

Movies and Card Makin

So last night my dad and I went to see the movie "We Own the Night" with Joaquim Phoenix and Mark Wahlberg. I knew nothing about the movie other than who was in it. :)

First of all, a warning - don't see this with your dad. The first scene is a sex scene - AWKWARD. Anyway, my review is that it gets 2.5 stars. It's a great story but the camera angles, background music and lack of emotion in some of the scenes really made it odd... I will tell you what I REALLY think (scenes that were bad and stuff) if you want me to but I dont' want to ruin it for anyone that doesn't want to know.

In other news, I am cheating on the Christmas cards I am sending this year and bought a card kit. I thought it looked cool when I saw it for sale but when it came in the mail I was floored. It looks so great and so easy to do! And it's 75 cards for a total of $40 (including tax and shipping) so that's not bad at all. Here's some pics from their site:

Whole Kit:

One card's pack of "contents":

See how organized and cute it looks! And that one card set says "Noel" yay!

Anyway, that's all for today. I'm going to have lunch with ASIA. :)

Monday, October 15, 2007


So our weekend was soooooo fun. I "apologize" for so many pictures. (only in quotes cause I'm not really sorry. Don't lie. You like it.)

So Thursday Jason and I were housesitting for our friends that went out of town - I got there and dinner was all pretty, he had a bouquet of flowers for me and an anniversary card, and I brought a movie with me. We ate some dinner, and were just hanging out and decided to relax in the hot tub for a bit. We ended up sitting out there for a LONG time, and just watched our Thursday night shows and went to bed.

Friday morning we had seperate errands to run then I met him back at his house to leave and found out we were going to the ocean! So much it there. :)

We had SUCH a good drive over - traffic was good, music was fun, conversation was good - just fun to enjoy each other. <3>
I love these shadow pictures....
Aww...we're cute....
Must get a shadow of us...
And us in the sand!
And then we flew our kites!!
Jason: Me:
Our kites are friends:
Footprints in the sand:

The weather was so clear we got to see an AMAZING sunset. I tried to pick only the best pictures but they all turned out really well, so there's a couple:

It was just breathtaking. Super fun. :)

We went back to our hotel and got ready for dinner. Jason was so sweet and kept telling me how nice I looked (although I think he was the handsome one....) :)

We went to dinner at Emily's - it was so nice! They do a fantastic job of making it a great atmosphere with the piano player, and the lighting and lots of cool touches. And the food was pretty good! We just had an amazing dinner and ....yeah. :)

After that we decided to try our luck at the casino. We started out playing slots and broke even, so Jason decided to continue to play slots and I went to the blackjack table. He won $50 on a slot machine and I won $20 playing blackjack - what's more romantic then winning money? :) Ha, I joke. :)

The next morning we ordered room service (a first for both of us!) and got ready for another funfilled day.

We tried to take a picture of us, but Jason always looks stoned in our pictures: This is more like us anyway:
The waves were HUGE on Saturday! It was amazing!

There were a LOT more people at the beach - a few got stuck. No, we didn't help them, we just took pictures (they looked like they had things under control): These guys seemed like they did this on purpose. We watched the photo shoot they did with their Audi (they looked high school aged) and it was pretty funny:
Then we were off to play putt-putt (notice he captured me MISSING....thankyouverymuch):
And I took a nice one of him:

And...well...I lost. By 4.

Then we got to do bumper boats! The operator saw me put my camera down and asked if I wanted pictures - so cool! :)
We called it a day shortly after and headed back home. I had picked up some Mad Libs in one of the shops and we did that the majority of the way home. (Jason had never played before!) It was really funny. :)

We got back at about 8pm and decided to go to dinner at The Rock in Federal Way:
They have THE BUCKET - 5 different types of rum in a sand bucket. It's delicious. I was excited. :)
The end!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2 Years

It was 2 years ago today that I really decided to give this Jason guy I’d been talking to a chance. We’d emailed back and forth a few times, but I didn’t really decide to pursue anything until Monday, October 10, 2005.

My job allowed me the chance to chat online with people via MSN Messenger and I literally thought “What do I have to lose?” when he and I started chatting that day and was my raw, corny self while talking to him. (For example, a vendor had suggested that I try a magnetic seat cover and I told Jason about that and the fact I didn’t notice any health improvements other than having to pee all the time. Classy.) He made me laugh and asked when we could go to dinner and I, again, thinking “What do I have to lose?” replied “How bout tonight?”

He took me to Mexican (10 bonus points), he brought me flowers (10 more points), we sat there talking until they politely asked us to leave since we’d been sitting there for a half hour past closing, (10 more points) and he didn’t try anything more than a hug (5 points – only cause I was confused thinking maybe he didn’t like me enough to kiss me), and my “What do I have to lose” began to turn into “What I never thought I could gain.”

For two years Jason has made me laugh, think, challenge myself, try new things and learn to trust/love. It has not been without trials, but has been an amazing experience so far and I’m excited about what will come next.

I love you, Bubba!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What the Keck?

So I have thought about blogging a lot lately. I think that should count for something.

As a matter of fact I've been taking pictures when I think about blogging just to prove it. ;) Just joke.

So I got my hair cut. There's a salon in the area called 7 salon that specializes in suggesting cut/color to best suit your facial features and body type. And frankly, I was a little sick of my hair.

(You'll have to imagine my hair here, cause I don't have a picture of it down. That's how sick of it I was.)

So I called to see how much it was and learned that hair cuts start at $65. That's a lot for this $40-haircut-girl, but I was anticipating loving my hair and so made an appointment. With a $65 stylist. (the range goes up to the owner, which is $200!!!)

So I went in for my appointment and met my stylist. (I don't want to trash him, but I also want you to avoid him...mention his name? Ask me if you must know) seemed really really nice. I explained to him that first of all, I was VERY nervous that they would want to just chop my hair, so if that was the suggestion to PLEASE go gradually and that I would be willing to do 1/2 today and come back again for a follow up.

He said I wouldn't need to do that, he was really only thinking to cut my hair an inch or two below my shoulder blades and keep it simple. I mentioned that my hair is pretty thick, so "shelf" layers do NOT work for me and he said "oh no, we won't do anything like that". And then he started his task.

And then I saw the pile of hair.

So much for an inch or two below the shoulder blades:

A few things to note:

1) I would not let a bad picture of my face on here, so it's not the BEST picture of the cut.
2) Looking at the picture, the left side of my hair is EXACTLY what I would have liked, without the "shelf" 2nd layer (hard to see, but it's there), even though it was MUCH shorter than I would have liked.
3) Now looking at the right side, notice there are 3 distinct layers. 2 on the left, 3 on the right?
4) He did NO thinning to my hair whatsoever so if I didn't have the intense discipline to straighten the crap out of my hair, it would have been a giant bubble.

So I decided after a few tears that I needed to call and let them know how unhappy I was. The gal at the desk was VERY nice and got me in for the next day to see a senior stylist at no charge to see if there was any fixing my hair.

Now, understand that I could have dealt with the long bottom length. I didn't want it to get shorter, but it looked so ridiculous that I knew I needed to do something. So I went in and saw Joe. Joe was also great and the look on his face when he started checking out my hair was priceless. Evidently EVERYTHING was cut crooked, and the 2 layers on one side and 3 on the others was worse than I thought - he thinks there were 4 on the right!

So he warned me that I might lose length on the sides to even it and I said okay and this is what
I ended up with:

Sorry for the dark picture, but you can kinda see the bottom layer flips a little off my shoulder and then the top is much more shaped around my face. He told me to try a technique to add more body to the top so it doesn't pull down so much at the part, but that would mean I would have to blow dry my hair, which I don't. :) (I wash it at night, sleep on it, then blow it out for about 3 minutes to force it straight, then flat iron, then curl.)

I don't like the shortness by my ears but I was tucking it back a lot and I liked that, but I like how it looks pulled back so I've been doing that and plan to until it grows out.

So...yeah. After all that, I'm still pulling my hair back. ;)

Let's see...what else....

Tomorrow is the 2 year anniversary of Jason and my first date. <3 He is planning our celebration this weekend and I am excited - he does SUCH a good job at romantic stuff when he puts his mind to it... swoon...

Jason also got the job he's been wanting for about a year - he will be working with his best friend at a commercial refridgeration company as an assistant engineer/mechanic. The pay is much better than we thought and now instead of driving 45 miles to work, he drives 5. VERY nice. :) And he gets to work with Clint, his heterosexual life partner. ;)

Clint and I have been swimming every Tuesday for the past two weeks. We're both very competitive and close to the same level so it's been good.

My classes are going well - Astronomy is interesting and English is much more research than I would have expected, but it's okay so far. I am getting used to actually studying which is new for me. ;)

Anyway...that's about it for now. All that wait for not much stuff. Whoo hoo...