Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Time to start fresh

I've had a blog for awhile but it's time for me to start fresh. I'll still keep the other one to share fun and exciting things with certain people but this one is for me.

Life is very confusing right now. I'm trying to get my debt under control but it's hard to completely change your lifestyle/spending habits - anyone that tells me otherwise is LYING. ;) I'm wanting to get in shape but have no money to buy better food and have no idea where to start. It's all seeming overwhelming.

I want to scrapbook but I feel like my life is disorganized and that I don't ever produce what I sat down to make and that gets irritating.

But I think that overall life is good. I have Jason whom I adore and my family behind me while I make some of the tough financial decisions so it's not all bad. I have a new job that is good, can take me far and I like it! I'm (as far as I know) in good health and ...have I mentioned Jason? That guy's amazing.

Anyway, this is my first thought dumping here. Maybe just of the day, maybe of the moment. Who knows? :)