Friday, February 29, 2008

New Digs. ;)

So yesterday I picked up my car. Let me tell you...Maaco in Kent (Central Ave) is ridiculously wonderful.

After they told me that repairing the front of my car was going to be $500 more than expected, I was frustrated. My dad then pointed out that their estimate originally came in $450 less than I expected to pay, so realistically, I'm only paying $50 more to get everything done right, rather than just getting it done. AND I could afford this. The world was not ending.

I called yesterday to make sure my car would be ready and they said it was! Then they told me "Oh, and I should tell you, we felt really badly about giving you an inaccurate estimate so even though we agreed to not do the back after all, we did it free of charge. ($270 worth of repairs).

I was floored.

My car looks AMAZING. You'd better believe I am telling anyone and everyone that will listen about how great they were, and I'm emailing corporate to let them know about my great experience overall.

So I was in a FANTASTIC mood yesterday and thought that would be a good time to get myself situated for kickboxing. I've been wearing boys shoes that were too big (not sure why), boys workout pants and a plain boy's tshirt and lets just say, I felt like a blob.

So I went to Old Navy first and got some of their Women's Perfect Tees:

I was a little disappointed in their pant selection, so I headed over to Sports Authority where I got these pants 2 for $20. (not too shabby) THEN I went to Nordstrom. I had seen these shoes and thought they would be good for kickboxing since they have support and stuff, but aren't as sturdy as most workout shoes, and I tried them out (in white, though, not pink):

But I didn't really like them. I wanted more sturdy. So my wonderful salesman Mark started talking about what I use my shoes for and said that these shoes just came out and have gotten GREAT reviews, so I tried them:

Let me tell you - LOVE THEM. They are SO comfy!! It's funny how you don't realize how uncomfortable your shoes are until you try on a comfortable pair. Then he started telling me about how Asics made socks to go with the shoes with BUILT IN PADDING (what?) and so I gave in and bought them too.

All in all it was an expensive day (mostly just from the shoes...oh and the $950 on my car), but when I tried everything on together when I got home, I was stoked. Seriously. I have to start feeling more confident in myself and this is a FANTASTIC way to do that. So great. :)

I was telling my sister about my trip to Nordstrom and was telling her about these shoes that were rated #1 by Runners World, etc - she sticks out her foot. SISTER HAS THE SAME SHOE! :)

I heart my sister. :)

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Ashley said...

Those shoes and socks look great. I need a new pair of shoes. Thanks for the tip. Oh, and also about the Maaco. Good to know. I'm glad things worked out nicely with your car. :)