Monday, March 17, 2008

Biding my time

This weekend was...just okay.


I did NOT end up going kickboxing. I forgot to pack some stuff in my workout bag. Whoops.
I DID go to the birthday party. It was okay. I do not question why I have not been close with those people, but they are nice people that made for an interesting night.

I did NOT end up working out as I had planned.
I DID sleep in. Finally. We went to the Lois Lowry thing - it was about as good as you can expect an author's presentation to be. She's an interesting person, I'm just not all that into lecture-things.
Afterwards, sister and I walked around near Pacific Place for awhile and then went to see:

Here's a tip: When you're a little heart broken, and really hoping that fate will bring you another chance with that person, don't see this movie. Although I do think that 2 hours worth of Ryan Reynolds will help anyone.

It was actually kinda cute. I'd give it 3 1/4 stars.

Then we came home and really did nothing. I went for some Mongolian - that's always good. I get it from a Mongolian restaurant, but it's not quite Mongolian (I don't think). I get VERY little noodles (maybe 10-15 total), LOTS of chicken, some pineapple, olives, broccoli and carrots and then I'm good to go. I only do the sauce they put on it (periodically I get crazy and do the teriyaki sauce, but I've only done that once out of the past...5-6 times?) and that's it. Not very Mongolian. Oh well. Still yummy. :)

Sunday morning I forced myself to get out of bed (had been laying there moping for awhile) and go work out. I went to 24 hour and it wasn't nearly as bad a workout as I planned. Ha. Then I went tanning (and didn't burn!?!!?), went grocery shopping, stopped to say hi to Courtney, and then went home. And slept. And did nothing. And started crying.

I'm having SUCH a hard time with this breakup. I'm sick of feeling this way and I'm sick of needing to talk through it cause I feel like I'm sick of talking about it- how sick must my friends be of hearing about it? I talked to Courtney and mentioned that as of yesterday I had 9 days left until I could talk to him and she posed an interesting question: why wait 9 more days? Jason's probably not counting days (not his style), and maybe the 30 days was more of a metaphor for "time" - I've obviously not gotten over him and if I'm wanting to know where he stands, why torture myself for 9 days?

Good friggin point.

I thought about it and haven't really made up my mind yet, but I think right now the 30 days (waiting it out) needs to be the guideline. Cause realistically, there was no reconsideration planned on his part, so why would I expect that? And if I'm going to get rejected (hey, it's possible - more probable, actually) then at least I will tell myself I stuck to my goal.

Although I'd really like to talk to him.

And I'd really like him to say that he made a mistake and that he wants to get back together and he has been thinking about stuff he could do in the meantime, too.

And that he'd send me flowers with a note that says "Happy Valentine's Day" (since I didn't get them then).

And that we'd live happily ever after.

But...I can't plan that.

And I'm just setting myself up for heartache right now - even if he does want to get back together that's a lot to ask for.

I need a quick "get over him" remedy. Anyone?


0 days until St. Patty's Day - not going out. :(
3 days until Winter Quarter Ends (finally!!)
8 days until I can talk to Jason again
11 days until I never wear contacts again (have a week of glasses before my surgery)
14 days until Spring Quarter Starts (yuck)
15 days until April Fools Day (my favorite Holiday! bwah ha ha)
18 days until my Lasik!!
20 days until Richest Loser ends (and I win) :)
31 days until I fly to California with the Fam.

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Asia said...

I'll listen for as long as it takes. :) Unless, that ends up being over 1 year, then, I'd still listen, but push you to move on. I'm not pushing righ now.