Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Climbing Back Up

So...the last two weeks (ending this past Saturday) were pretty darn crappy.

I finally got my car back on Friday. Things seem fine and I'm glad that it's over with. After we picked up my car we went to a clinic because I had been having severe pain in my ear and along the left side of my jaw and neck.

I had an ear infection. (What am I, 5?) The doctor completely disregarded the fact that I had been crying just waiting for him to come in (they said not to take anymore Advil/Tylenol so the doctor could "understand the situation" and it just hurt SO bad) and then when he did come to look at it, he pushed a lot harder than necessary along my swollen jaw and neck. Big jerk made me cry again.

So I got drops, antibiotics and pain killers. It's feeling better, but it's not over. :(

Saturday we were driving to Jenn and Clint's house and had dropped Jason off at the grocery store to get some things while I ran home (less than a mile away) to grab something. And I heard a weird noise from my car. No joke. I burst into tears. (I'm telling you, I'm wearing down.) I drove back to pick up Jason and he couldn't figure the sound out in the Safeway parking lot, and since Clint lives really close, we drove there so they could both take a look.

It was a stick. In my hubcap. It's better now. (false alarm)

Then Saturday night we went to the Rat City Rollergirls Semi-Finals. (Roller Derby) A friend of Jenn's has been practicing with one of the teams for about a year and was ready to play in her first bout on Saturday. It was...interesting. We were a little too preppy to blend in very well, but it was fun.

Of course there are pictures:
The rink itself isn't very big.

At the starting line. Jamie, Jenn's friend, is in the baby blue helmet.
Jamie is VERY speedy. (pretty rad picture I took, eh?)
They all have fun "Derby Names" - others were Miss Fortune, Moe YaDown, Pia Mess (read that outloud - ha), X-Khan, and Sara Problem?

Oh, and there was a brawl. Ha. The purple girl totally tripped the green girl and the green girl threw punches. Ha. Hilarious.

And that was that. We went to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory and then spent Sunday doing some cleaning. We went back to Jenn and Clint's and had some dinner, played H2O Uno in the hot tub, and just hung out. It was nice.

This week has been okay. Compared to last week, this is nothing. ;)

Oh and I managed to lose 6 pounds. Without trying. That's talent. Sad that I didn't notice so the scale had to tell me. I chalk it up to my trying to save money. I went grocery shopping and bought a ton of good, healthy, cheap food. The main portions were all Weight Watchers (they happened to be on sale and had the most appealing look of all the frozen lunches). Oh, and I'm sure the stress had something to do with it. Yay.

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