Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Layouts and Lakes

**Warning. The next 3 days I might be posting a lot. MIGHT.** :)
So I finally took a picture of the layout I made last week (the scan did not do it justice) and then finished the ridiculously simple layout about J and my hands. Drumroll please...
So...they are super plain and I don't like that, but I like that I got it done. We'll see what happense with my whole scrap-crap thing.

On Sunday, Jason and Clint wanted to take Jenn and I out on Jason's boat that they have been working on (first to get it up and running again, then to make it "cool"...whatever). I was totally stoked!
We set off:

Captain Jason

Oh wait...the boys want to change something. So we go back to the launch, Clint jumps out and starts to go to work. At the launch. Weirdos.

Working away...

Jenn and I were not happy about this "adjustment"

We got it fixed and were off again! We found a "cove" and set out for some tubing. Clint was first.
Hang on!

See...it's not so bad...

Until Captain Jason starts going crazy (love the facial expression!) And then... But he got back on for round two!

Wait...what's that noise?Climb back in and...they are working on it. Again.
So...all in all, it runs fine. The boys are just mechanical boys that want to tweak EVERYTHING. Now they want to work on the interior of the boat, make it pretty again, and sell it. From that and selling Jason's dirt bike he's been fixing up too Jason's hoping to get a newer, nicer, bigger boat.

I'm fine with that. :)

So...yeah. Okay that's all for THAT post. Now I'm working on the next one. :)

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Ashley said...

Your layouts are great! I especially love the colors and simple design in the first one. So cute!