Friday, August 17, 2007

Just keep swimming...

I’m so glad it’s Friday. I have no idea what we’re doing this weekend other than:

1) I am cat-sitting at the house I don’t stay at when they are gone (which just means a LOT of driving.)
2) I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at 10am. They are doing one filling and pulling a wisdom tooth. :(
3) At some point, I’m going to Sam’s Club with Jason. (which I need to make a list for…)

So that’s not too bad. Jason and Clint worked on the boat last night and got done what they had wanted to and took it out for a test-run, during which Clint tried water-skiing for the first time. Jenn and I TOTALLY wish we could have been there for that (oh the pictures) – especially since Clint said he never made it to a standing position and was trying to describe the experience, which was best summed up with “water bobbing”. :) Hopefully they’ll get to take the boat out again this weekend and then all of us will go out again, so it should be fun.

I went to Lap Swim for the first time last night! Jenn went with me (which I was VERY glad about) and actually coached me a little bit. It was really hard and I’m still trying to remember everything I’m supposed to be doing, but we went pretty hard for the full hour and while I was really tired afterward, it wasn’t anything like the incapacitating exhaustion of running, so I LOVED that. Jenn gave me a lot of good tips and I really liked it! Depending how I feel after the dentist tomorrow, I might try to go tomorrow or Sunday at a different pool to get a feel for the other Lap Swim options available. :)

***Nevermind!!! Clint and Jason want to take the boat out again today and Jenn asked if I’d lap swim again. OF COURSE! Although I must warn those that live in the area – NO pools (Tahoma, Hazen, Mercer Island, Bellevue, Lindbergh) have lap swim on Friday nights except for…HENRY MOSES AQUATIC CENTER. Evidently they have a whole separate pool for lap swimming so it’s an open session with little kids everywhere, but we’ll have our own pool. Yay. :) I’m friggin addicted.***

In other news, I did NOT get a B in my class. I got an A. 4.0 in college, baby!!! :)

SO….yeah. That’s all for now. Keep the party crackin, y’all.

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