Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Everyone, out of the pool!"

So...I got kicked out of swimming lessons.


I had signed up for the adult beginner class and was happy to see there were 2 instructors and 2 students when I got there. Until the rest of the class showed up. Total of 8 people. 3 people needed to learn how to float, 4 people could kick OR stroke OR move with their face in the water (but not more than one of those things) and then there was me.

I would swim about 100 feet and stop, say what I thought I did wrong and then swim back. The instructor barely talked to me. And class is only 1/2 hour so after figuring out what level everyone was, I didn't get that much time in there. :( So since I felt like that class was WAY below where I needed to be, I stuck around and watched the advanced class to see what they were doing. They worked on crawl stroke for about 5 minutes then worked on backstroke and fly.

Afterwards I asked if I could talk to the Advanced instructor and the Beginning one came out to talk too so I told them I was really just wanting to get some practice on the crawl stroke to be able to come to lap swim on a regular basis. The beginning instructor laughed and was like "You can go to lap swim now - you'll do fine. Just stay in one of the slow lanes if you're working on endurance." The advanced instructor agreed, saying there wasn't much they could help me with if I already knew what I was needing to work on, so I would definitely get more out of lap swim.

So they transferred my class fee to the 12 lap swim package (class fee is only 6 classes) and Jenn and I are gonna go on Thursday for my first lap swim! Yay!

I was looking at the pool schedule and they only have lap swim at noon or 8pm during the week. That sucks. I was thinking I might like to try swimming in the morning before work, but they don't open that early so I started looking at other pools in the area, since I also wanted to try water aerobics sometime and the pool I was going to doesn't offer that (at least in the summer, and it's a school district pool so I doubt they will anytime). So far I'm having a hard time finding a place that does both, but the Mercer Island pool opens at 5:30 am M/W/F for lap swim so we'll see if I like it enough to make it a habit. :)

Today has been fairly uneventful. That's okay. :)

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