Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Becky's Life: Day 9010 (that's right!)

Contrary to popular belief: Mercer Island does not have the best of everything.

Yesterday I ventured out to try morning swimming at the Mercer Island pool thinking:
  1. This is the closest pool on my way to work with lap swimming in the morning.
  2. It's Mercer Island - it will probably be the nicest pool ever - Afterall, it's $1.50 more than ANY OTHER POOL in the county.
  3. I should try this whole "morning workout" idea.
Well...let me tell you. This pool is not very nice.

  1. It only has about 5 or 6 lanes, which isn't bad, but the pool by my house (which is over 30 years old) has 8 (I think) so more people are in the pool comfortably at one time.
  2. Something is VERY off with the cholorine. I'm not sure what it is, but the water is VERY green, tastes weird (I know, you're not supposed to taste it but it happens), and smells weird too.
  3. The locker room is gross. You know how old, run-down buildings have rust lines in the sink? Yeah, they have that.
  4. Cattle showers. Hate them. I understand most swimmers going here are little kids, but I would expect Mercer Island to be a little nicer.
So I'm thinking to get what I want for an AM lap swim (a normal pool, clean facility, private shower) I would need to go to a gym with a pool. Since I'm a member at 24 hour fitness, I looked there first and found their Bel-Red location has a pool. I'm not sure what to expect there (there aren't many classes, so is it open lap swim all the time?) so I might just have to stop by to check it out one day, but we'll see.
I also realized I don't really like getting ready away from home. My hair takes ridiculously long to do (30 minutes to blow dry, longer if I want any sort of style) and especially at a pool (but also true if you shower) it's difficult to keep things dry. And it's just not as cozy. I really wish the pool by my house had AM lap swim. That would make things lots easier. Or that the 24 hour fitness by me would open a pool. One can always dream. :) (I just sent them a comment card)
In other news, I got a wisdom tooth pulled last weekend. The dentist office I went to is incredibly disorganized and sketchy, but the dentist himself has a lot of awards (I researched) so I let him do what he recommended and now I'm out of there! The extraction itself wasn't that bad. It hurt on Saturday but was gone on Sunday and it feels okay now. I guess I'm lucky (fingers crossed nothing bad happens all of a sudden)
We tried going out on the boat again last weekend, too.
This time Jason got to try the body board and the water skis:

(Have I mentioned I LOVE my camera?)

He got the water skis on but...didn't go far.

Oh, and I'm a phenominal photographer. Thankyouverymuch.

Then it was Clint's turn. He got the skis on easy: But didn't last very long. :) It was good times.

Oh, and I got a new bathing suit yesterday from JCPenny for $18. Yay! I'm trying to stock up on comfy ones that fit well while everyone still has some, and they are all 60-75% off. :)

The end. For now. I think.

Oh, and the date calculator is from here

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