Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I actually scrapped last night.

(No, I'm not kidding.)

And then I promptly forgot to scan the layout.
Cause I'm just that cool. :)

I was really frustrated because it took me about 2 hours to do a layout that looks like it took 30 seconds, but I like the end result and I like that I started again. So there. :)

Hint, I used this picture:

But I played with the photo a little before I did the layout. Oh, I bet you're anxious to see.

I started one with this picture:

But the idea I set out to accomplish with it didn't seem to do it justice so I left it to think about a little bit longer. Today will be a lot of 2Peas searching for fun layouts for me to scraplift. HA!

This week has been a little strange at work.

One boss's wife had a baby so he's out all week and the other boss has been very busy. One co-worker is driving me nuts and another is turning out more fun than I expected. Okay, I lied, two co-workers are driving me nuts and the other is cool. Anyway.

Today is my last day of this work week(!!!!!) but it's not for anything super fun or exciting. Tomorrow is the dentist, an oil change and tire rotation, haircut, and eye doctor. Friday is a massage and a chiropractic appointment and if the dentist can get me in for some of the work I know I'm gonna need, then more of that.

And tonight I'm going to cheer Jenn on for her last mini-triathalon of the year. And it's just a matter of getting through today without losing my mind, dying of boredom, or driving myself or anyone else crazy.

Sidenote to scrappers: Today is the opening of registration for the Creating Keepsakes Convention in Seattle (in November). Sign up for a fun class then teach me what you learn. I think I'll just be hitting up the vendor fair again this year.

Until next time...

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Asia said...

I would sign up for a class WITH you...