Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wishin for good luck!

I was really hoping to post a “yay it’s all over – my car is back and the world is right again” type post.

But I can’t. :(

This has not been a good 2 weeks.

So my car is supposed to be done no later than tomorrow. (Originally I was told “Tuesday, but worse case scenario Wednesday.”) It’s not even that there’s anything WRONG they just got busy, people called in sick, etc. and they just haven’t started yet. (well, earlier they hadn’t started. Now they have.) That’s not been fun.

AND, one of my bosses is moving to a different team and I don’t get to go with him. I don’t know if he knows that I would really like to go with him, but it hasn’t been presented as an option, so I have kept my mouth shut. A co-worker that may know more is back tomorrow so we will see.

All in all it’s not been good. I’m trying to be positive, but it’s hard.

Every time I walk out in the morning to leave for work or when I’m actually leaving work and I see Jason’s truck that he’s letting me use, I feel so lucky.

One of my good friends growing up went to college in TX and has stayed there after graduation was able to visit this week. A group of us went out to the Cheesecake Factory to hang out with her/each other. It was good times.

(bottom left to right: Me, Marla, Laura, Becky J (aka Rachel Leigh Cook), Jeremy, Michelle, Karissa)

Also, my best friend from growing up and I had a big blowout a little over a year ago. We both said and did things we shouldn’t have (shouldn’t’ve?) but we haven’t talked since then. Over a year. We were both going to go to the dinner with our mutual friend and since we both got off work in Seattle before everyone else, we met up for a few hours before they showed up. We talked through a lot of stuff and while we can’t be the same way we were, we can be better off than we are now. That’s a positive. (She was in the group above but didn’t want her picture taken. She was sitting across from me and did a great job hiding)

Did you know that a Diet Coke at the Cheesecake Factory is almost $3.00? No joke.

Did you know that if you park in Pacific Place and go to pay for your parking and give the attendant your ticket, you MUST pay to get that ticket back? Parking is $4.00 flat fee after 5pm and I had pulled in about 5:03 (cell phone time), so I was shocked to see $12.00 come up on the screen. I asked the lady and she said the machine would not return my ticket or show the time I entered until I paid, so I paid and she showed me the printout: I entered at 4:59. I had to pay $8 for one stinkin minute. They don’t do refunds and they can’t check the time after it’s been inserted into the machine to process payment, so if you pull into the garage before 5:30 I would request a “time check” before paying the ticket.

This has been my life these past 2 weeks.

But I did have a rather delicious turkey and potatoes microwave lunch today. I am really on a turkey kick lately. And it was only $1.25 at Safeway. Not too shabby.
I look forward to a happy post (as I'm sure you do too)

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