Thursday, February 08, 2007

Swinging back

**Edited to add pictures**
Things are starting to get back to normal after being sick. I had to miss work Monday because I was still really sick and a trip to the doctor really did nothing. It was pretty miserable. I don't really get anything accomplished at all while I'm was sick and actually made a pretty big mess to clean up (when I normally force myself to clean I didn't while I was sick). So I did that yesterday. Whoo-hoo.

I did (finally) get an offer from the agents I had been interviewing with, and if money was all I was interested in - WOW. That would be a great job. Seriously - a substancial amount more for the remainder of this year and even more next year. Plus having the office a mile from my seemed really great. But once I had the offer, I kinda knew I was stuck. I talked to my parents for a long time Wednesday night about what I should dad was gung ho for me to take the offer and my mom really wanted me to think about the choices.

I ended up talking to my manager yesterday to see what the department changes *might* look like so I'd have a feel of what my job choices really were, and talking with her went really well. I don't know why I was so calm, but that helped a lot. It all really boiled down to the fact that she acknowledged that I have earned a raise, deserve more responsibility and she's excited to have me take on more. We talked about my wanting to continue my schooling and she is very supportive of that which helps a lot. And after all that, I'm staying where I am. I'll still have to commute, but I won't be working by myself and hopefully, I'll work my way up out of being an assistant. And Tuesday will be my one-year anniversary here. :)

My bosses are both gone today and so is the HR department that works in our office too. It's very quiet and hard to stay focused. :) It's nice though.

I realized this morning that I am SLACKING on the scrapping. Sad. I want to do the Book of Us by Months page for January and start on a project idea I am stealing that I saw on Treasury of Memories blog then took more pictures of it when I went up there a few weeks ago:

The cover:

Tab dividers:

Two page spread (journaling on the face side of the card, picture(s) on the backs) :

Sample of how she did her pictures: (some of the weeks had more pictures/elaboration)

I heart that store. I need to get the jump rings for the playing card book and punch holes in all of the cards...maybe that's a good tv-watching activity for tonight. (Grey's Anatomy is on...hello!!) And it was fun to do pages for no reason last week - I want to do that again. :) And I bought so much freakin Valentines stuff I REALLY need to use it! Jason likes when I make stuff about us/for him, but he doesn't really know what to do with it. It's not like he has a desk to put it on or anything, so I'm trying to think of things that he could use. That's hard. I can't even think of a VD gift. :(

Another store display they had that I LOVED (mostly cause it seems pretty simple) was this:

Simple decorated paint can, paper stuffing, paper mache stars with glitter, glued to clothes pin clips, glued to dowels. Simple enough, right? :)

Close up of how they attached the stars and clips to the dowels:

Seems easy enough. I think it'd be fun to do for someone that you can include pictures with it. Like give it to my sister and have pictures of us in the clips or something. Anyway.

This weekend we are going with some of our friends to the Melting Pot for a group Valentine's dinner. We're all dressing up and stuff..I think it will be fun and I really like that place. I had scheduled an appointment to get my hair done since the dress I was planning on wearing was only $7 on clearance (I KNOW!) so I scheduled the appointment at noon since I was told reservations were at 5. (Hour for hair, commute time to get dressed, commute to meet up with everyone, drive to restaurant...would have worked out okay) Well, yesterday for some reason the reservation was changed to 7pm - not sure why - and so that kinda messes things up. So...I thought maybe I'll get my make-up done. Asia's brother's gf does make-up downtown at DuWop (hair appointment is downtown too) so I scheduled a time with her...we'll see how this goes. I'll definately take pictures as this will be fun to remember. :)

My sister's friend had this picture on her blog and I L-O-V-E it!! OMG.


ashley said...

I'm happy for you that you feel good about your decision and your manager was cool about things at your current job. Your weekend sounds so fun. The Melting Pot is such a cool place. I also LOVE the project you are going to make with the playing cards. I might have to put that on my to-do list as well (once I'm unpacked...)

Adam Kieffer and Asia Arbolante said...

I had not noticed how very long it had been since I read this. I feel as though I've missed huge parts of your life on the internet. Because you've told me all thats in here. I like to read it anyway.