Saturday, February 03, 2007


Since I'm sick now I'm chillin, trying to get better. So I'll post pictures. :)

Last weekend Jason and I played Home Town Tourists and went to both the Museum of Glass in Tacoma and the Museum of Flight. It was so much fun. :)

That big cone is the building they do the glass blowing for a few hours every day.

We weren't allowed to take pictures of the art in the galleries but I took this one before I knew that. It's a wall of bottles! :

We actually got to the museum about a half hour before they started 3 hours of glass blowing and we stayed to watch it the whole time. It was rad. Like I said, the glass blowing is done inside the big cone, which actually functions as a vent-type thing to let all the heat from the fires out of the building. It totally reminded me of Willy Wonka and the Fizzy Lifting...ha. :)

First, though, some pictures of some of the glass displays in the cone, all by Chihuly, who is from Tacoma:

It was set up really cool - there were four "glory holes" where they warm the glass to work on it, and one glass pit, where they would actually add glass to the blowing stick thing. Some lady guest artist was there the day we were and she and her team were working on one piece the whole 4 hours we were there! It was ornate and stuff but the "home team" made 3 different pieces in that time!
Here's the "view" from the grandstand observatory thing:

Oh, and by the way, my camera did something kinda cool and captured everything really hot in a purple color. Like in the picture above, in real life that purple light was red/orange/yellow (fire) but the camera got it as purple. It's kinda neat.

The "Home Team" was my favorite. We saw them go from this:

And doing this:

To make this:

And ending up with this:

Yeah...they broke it. Whoops. I felt so bad for the guy!! But they did well and started over again. They went from:

To this:

And then when they transferred it off the stick, this happened:

It chipped!! The "narrarator" guy that was explaining what all they do said that since the museum opened, he's never seen 2 pieces break in a row.

They managed to not break the last one. I'm not sure what it was but here's 2 pics:

The "Away Team" was making another one of these:

And since it's so huge, it's actually 5 pieces, the top, a ring to go around it, the middle part with a decal, another ring, and then the bottom. Craziness.

This is the beginning of the top:

Making the middle piece:

Attaching the two (with the ring in between):

And attaching the bottom:

Then they added these STUPID looking stars onto it...not sure why they'd do that... :

And that was it.

It was such a good time!! I would totally recommend it to people that can go. Watching it all was my favorite. (If you couldn't tell...)

This past Sunday I took Jason to the Museum of Flight in Seattle since he'd never been. It was okay...I'm not all that into planes (I appreciate that they can take me places, but that's about it) so I was a little bored but Jason cracks me up. :)

There are planes EVERYWHERE inside. The place is COVERED. Like it's a plane museum or something. Wait... ;)

I turned into Amelia Earhart and Jason was Neil Armstrong:

They have 2 planes outside (and across the street) that you can tour, one being an old Air Force One:
It was pretty cool but it sucked that everything was behind glass's a plane. ;) It did have the Presidential Conference Room:

Jason and I goofing off with one of the bathroom mirrors:

They also had a Concorde to tour:

It may be fast, but it's TINY:

It was a lot of fun!!

This week I also did some scrapping!!! YAY! :) I did my first Effer Dare (#54) and asked Jason what one word he would use to describe me and then I scrapped it:

Of course I had to do one for him too:

Awww...he is a genuine boy. : )

Last night one of Jason's friends invited us to hang out with him and his girlfriend. He is hysterical!! It was a lot of fun too. I suck at bowling and was really sick on top of that, so that was hard, but it was still a good time! :)

Funny friend:

Silly boyfriend and a sick girlfriend:

And our bowling shoes! I have a picture of our shoes from every time we've gone bowling. Fun. :)

Anyway, that's all for now. (As if a million pictures weren't enough.) :) Later, skaters!!

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Becky, I love your new layouts! They are so cute. I especially love the first one where he described you.