Friday, February 09, 2007

Bad News Bears

Jason and I are dying. Something is very very wrong.

We are totally addicted to Diet Coke. Like it's bad how much we drink. Both of us have been known to keep a pack in our cars, it's all we drink when we go out to eat, and if the restaurant only serves Pepsi products, we remember and try not to go back. Yes. It's that bad.

We even have pictures of us to show our devotion:

It's something we're totally known for. We drink so much of it and we know it's bad, but we do.

And something has happened.

Sometime last week both Jason and I started getting stomach aches and we couldn't figure out why. This week we noticed a trend: we're perfectly fine until we drink Diet Coke.

This is bad. I don't know what to do. I know a girl that ate Altoids so much she got ulcers, and I know other things...even water, in high doses can be bad, but why are we getting stomach aches? This is so very sad.

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