Friday, February 02, 2007

It's a brand new day (but not the Valtrax kind)

I hate that I can't say "It's a brand new day" and not think of that stupid Valtrax commercial. Jerks. Okay, I joke.

Yesterday turned into a better day since I had a steady stream of things to do all day that were actually my responsibility (verses the ones that I usually do that are someone else's, but you know). My bosses have been very nice lately about all the work I've been doing but certain kind$ of thank$ $peak louder than other$. Of course this comes when I'm interviewing with another job.

Oh yeah...haven't talked about that on here. Someone sent me a Craigslist ad at the beginning of last week for an admin assistant position with 2 Real Estate agents in my part of town. The salary range was EXACTLY what I've been wanting and both major competitors of my company have offices about 1.5 miles from my house, so that'd be VERY convienient. With the help of my proof reader (mommy), I submitted my resume and cover letter last Monday night. On Wednesday I got a call from one of the agents and found out they did indeed work out of the close offices (my preference of the two offices as well) and that they are top-producing agents that have been in the business for a long time. Last Friday I had my first interview, and Wednesday I met with one of the agents for my one-on-one follow up with her. I will still need to meet one-on-one with the guy agent, but it's all looking VERY good.

The problem with all this is that as much as my current job may frustrate me, it's a great job. It's for the most well-respected company in the area, people know I will do a great job at anything they give to me and I've been there for a year giving them all the reason to "promote" me which is what (I'm hoping) they will be doing soon. There's some BIG problems that need to be fixed in the office (replacing me as admin so I can do the full promotion job 100%, pay me accordingly and not 10k less than the other people, etc) but it's seemingly like they want to do what they can to keep me, within reason. So why leave now? I don't have a promise of any of this at my current company, but I'm also tired of moving around so much. I want to stay somewhere! :) With a corporate job I can blend into the wall on a bad day (like yesterday) but when I'm the only assistant, my troubles are under a microscope. BUT instead of commuting over an 1.5 hours every day, it'd be a total of about 5 minutes. Car insurance would go down, gas use would too, and their minimum salary in their range is more than I make now.

The 2 agents haven't made a formal offer yet, but I'm 90% sure they will so it's a waiting game now to see what they'll do. Which, you know, is the greatest thing ever. :-p

ANYWAY. So after yesterday's bad day got worse (a "disagreement" with boyfriend ended because it had to, not because we were finished) today was pretty good. I'm sick (bronchitis is going around - yee friggin haw- so I went to work at 7:30 and left at noon. I can't really sleep cause my nose is plugged and my throat is scratchy so breathing is a task, so...just thinking. Things will be fine. Opportunities come and go, and we sometimes regret decisions we make, but they're never (usually) the end of the world. Growing up sucks. ;)

PS. Boyfriend and I are doing perfectly fine. It's growing pains I think. He's been in the long relationships and settled into ours while I was still feeling it out. Now we're trying to mesh and it's hard, but not impossible. We'll be fine. :)

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ashley said...

Decisions are hard. Growing up is hard. I feel your pain. I'm struggling with a decision myself right now too (to keep going to school or not). Do whatever your gut tells you. Good luck!