Sunday, February 11, 2007


Okay, before I start about Saturday (which was FANTASTIC by the way) some older pictures I haven't posted yet:

I cat sit for a couple that hs 2 cats...they have a black and white cat and the white cat is VERY skittish to the point that it doesn't like being in the same room as people. Anyway, when I was sick, I was sleeping on the couch there and then watched some "How It's Made" on the Discovery channel. The cat was up on a chair next to the TV and went bananas swatting at the globe in the corner. It was super cute!

Then he jumped down off the chair and was watching the show.

Oh, and my actual Real Estate license from the State finally came:

I'm a dork. It's okay.

So...back to Saturday. I woke up and got ready for the day. My hair appointment was at noon in Queen Anne so I grabbed food, got gas and headed down there. And then I realized I forgot my camera. WHOOPS. So I used my picture phone. Here's me before hair and make up: "start" ?

And here's my hair after Ashley at Salon Joseph had her way with it:

I didn't get a picture of just my hair and make-up before I had my dress on, but here's "the picture" of Jason and I:

AWWW!!! YAY!!! :) Jason was texting me all day saying how excited he was to see me and stuff - it was so much fun!! And he kept telling me over and over how beautiful I looked and stuff - I felt so special! :)

Just for some cues as to who we were with, we went with Jason's best friend Clint and his wife Jenn:

And Clint's brother Dan and his wife Emily:

Jason, Clint and Dan basically grew up all together and are super close. It's fun hanging out with them all cause it's such a differnent group, but it's fun. I was a little nervous cause I hadn't been out to eat with Dan and Emily since Dan's operation (he's now permanently blind) but it went really well!

Here's the whole group:

So...for those that haven't been to the Melting Pot...SO much fun. It's quite an event - it has taken about 3 hours for the whole meal each time I've been. They sat us at a weird table - 3 people on each side, so one of the couples had to split up and then they only had 2 burners on the table. Weird. A round table would have been better but it was still good! :)

Emily, Dan, and Clint

And Jenn and I didn't realize this was going on during our picture (obviously):

So we had them take another one:

When we got to the table there was a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers on the table and I noticed a card inside it. I pulled it out and saw everyone but Jason and my last name on it but wondered who sent them. I flipped it over and saw the note said:

AWW! He sent flowers to the restaurant for me!! :) I felt like a Princess! :) They're so pretty I brought them to work with me today:

Anyway, back to Saturday.

The first course is CHEESE (with bread, apples and veggies for dippers) and I was embarassed to take pictures with the flash, so those didn't turn out. The second course was the salad which was SO good - no one remembered the salads being so good, so that was a fun surprise.
Then The Meat:

Jason and I don't eat seafood, and I didn't get pics of the enormous lobster tails everyone else had, but you get the idea.

Our mess of a table with all the sauces to dip things in:

And then...the dessert.

We got the Original (milk chocolate with peanut butter mixed in) and the S'mores (milk chocolate with flambe'ed marshmellow) and it was SO good!! I ate a lot before I remembered to take pictures:

The pot o' S'mores:

All in all, it was SUCH a fun time. If you go, go with someone who works at Microsoft cause their Perks card gets 20% off the total bill. Nice.

(this is the good part)

Jason and I went to his house and were taking more pictures of ourselves (he was humoring me) and it was fun. We were just hanging out and talking about everything and nothing all together (anything from work, to us, to farting. I'm not kidding). :) It was really good. I was kinda having a moment of really wanting some reassurance/affection from him when he leaned over and kissed my forehead and just held me for a minute. It was so sweet and exactly what I needed right then.

He pulled away and looked and me and told me he had something he needed to tell me but wanted me to promise that I wouldn't cry and that it wouldn't change the mood we were in. I told him I would try not to cry, and that I couldn't promise anything about the mood. He laughed and said okay, and then:

"I love you"

I - Becky Noël - was speechless. It was totally unexpected, but totally perfect. I whispered it back before kissing him so hard and when we pulled away, he laughed cause he said I was beeming from ear to ear. We talked about how we don't want to abuse that word and how it's really hard for him to say that so it needs to be "handled with care" even more. We even agreed on still saying "I heart you" most of the time, but the "L word is out there" (that's his words). We kissed some more, and then it was my turn to pull away and laugh cause:
"This will make getting you a Valentine's card SO much easier!!"
He laughed cause I'm a dork for thinking of stuff like that, but it was sweet. We talked for a little while longer, then played Bejeweled (the game I am obsessed with on his Xbox) so he could learn how...and then I went to sleep. It was so nice falling asleep saying "good night, baby" and having him say back: "good night! I love you!"
Makes the picture we took earlier that night even sweeter:


Cheryl said...

That was such a cute story!! Congratulations! I think you found a great guy.

ashley said...

It sounds like you had fun! You look beautiful in the pictures - I love how your hair turned out! That is so sweet that Jason had those flowers delivered to the Melting Pot. They're gorgeous! I'm happy for you that things are going so well for you guys.