Monday, November 12, 2007

Halloween (only a few weeks late)

So Halloween did happen this year (contrary to what my blog may have lead you to believe) and we did celebrate. Sorta. ;)

Here's my pumpkin:
And Jason with his:
I'm really concentrating (and it looks like I have pumpkin in my hair??):
The finished products:
Yeah, his is cooler...
Next, onto the Halloween Gingerbread House (What? Like you didn't make one?):
Jason's got a steady hand...he was a welder, you know.
Evidently, I'd be a good welder too. ;)
The finished product. It was pretty sad.
And then at work we all got to dress up! My friend Mariam and I went as Surgial Interns from Seattle Grace. :)
Happy Dr. Me:
Ready for action Dr. Me:
Mariam even made us these "badges" :)

Fun times!!!

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