Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This one time...I was at a scrappy hour...

Ha - just kidding - not gonna tell it like that. So Asia, Marla and I were at a scrappy hour and some other lady there came in and was like "Someone got a gift on their car!"

We all thought - oh...cute...and then Marla said "Becky, it's YOUR car!" So I went out and found this:
And just about the cutest card ever. We were still fairly early in the relationship and hadn't said the L word yet, so the "I heart you" was perfect, plus I love red, I love hoodies, and it was cute. :)

Last week Jason took his best friend to the Seahawks game VS. the 49ers (Monday Night Football) and when they got back, Jason pulled this out for me:
He's so adorable! (And the teddy bear is cute too) ;)

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