Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gobble Gobble Gobble

SO.....here's a super fun and easy craft/kiddie project for Thanksgiving. You will LOVE it. :)

"Ingredients" are super simple:

  • Double Stuff Oreos (one per treat)
  • "bodies" - can be Ferrero Rocher Candy, Peanut Clusters, Chocolate drops, etc (I'll explain this later)
  • Small red tube of icing
  • Chocolate frosting
  • Candy Corn


Because you're working with so much goodness, it's a great idea to also have some snacks for yourself:

Don't forget to invite your kitty:

Okay, so first take an Oreo: Unscrew it. I always go for the Double Stuffed because they are remarkably easier to unscrew without breaking them:
It doesn't really matter how "clean" you do it but the more even you do it the better. Next, frost the inside of both sides with Chocolate Frosting:
On one of the halves, place 5 candy corn in a fan:

On the other half, place the body. I was using Chocolate Drops cause they were cheapest. (WHAT?!?)

***Key thing - put the body off center - pretty close to the edge of the Oreo*** Here's both parts:
Next, take one candy corn and frost it up a little on one of the edges. This is the "glue" for the head so be generous, but make it pretty. ;) Frosting should look like this: Center the head on the body and adhere the "feathers" to the body (at the part where you stuck it close to the edge.) Again, the frosting is acting as your glue so if it's not sticking well, add a little frosting and hold it for a second.

Next you can add some eyes and a gobbler. My turkey looks a little pathetic, but that's okay. Jason happened to have some peanut clusters so I made one that way just so you can see what a difference the bodies make:
The head stays on MUCH better with these! These are my 2nd favorite bodies to use when making these.
My absolute FAVORITE bodies are Ferrero Rocher candies, because they taste pretty darn good, but they are a little spendy and you do need to unwrap them. Check Bartell's for sales, though!
Here's a pic of the turkeys I made last year when I used the best bodies:
If you're lucky, a cute boy might want to play with candy too and may join in:

He is a turkey-making machine, I tell you. He is much faster than I am (and I've had years of practice!) My turkey farm (transport is hard, but if you can let them sit for a few hours, it will go MUCH better.)
So yeah - very fun! I love to make these with kids cause it's super easy!


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Ashley said...

What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing.