Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Flashback OR Becky was so cute... ;)

So I decided one day that I didn't feel like studying/it wasn't NEARLY as important as going through 2 banker's boxes worth of old photos.

It was a fun time. :)
My friend Heidi and I (still friends!) on Easter one year (gotta love the socks with the dress shoes and sandals!)
Awww.... This is my family!! (that was my dad's mom) this was 1985. :) And just the kids:
My brother and I, I think this was about 2000/2001. I really like my hair here! :
Little me - I think about 5:
This was when I was 5 - I got second degree burns from boiling water (I was an inquisitive kid!) and still have the scars!
My grandma on my mom's side called me "Her Little Cabbage Patch" - Cute!
I LOOOOOOOVED Mr. Potato Head!:
My friend Laura and I in 8th grade (or so):
The sibs and I at Christmas!
Proof that at some point in my life, I have actually dusted that piano:
I think this was 7/8th grade. Check out the bangs and the socks with the sandals! (And Angie's high ponytail with scrunchy!! WHOO HOO!)
This was a random find - that's me on the left and Brent, a guy from church, on the right. For a drama thing.
Little Becky:
Little Becky (again)

Fun times!

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