Thursday, January 03, 2008

M-A-C Makeover!

So...with my lovely MAC gifts for my birthday and Christmas, I decided to splurge on getting a Lesson at the MAC store (not Macintosh, MAC Cosmetics) so called and made an appointment with Calli.

My goal for the lesson was to learn how to best use the colors I have been trying to add to my "style" and how to use the lovely brush set that Asia gave me. I had a short list of a few things I wanted to pick up while I was there, and just hoped to leave a little more educated and skilled in make-up application.
Let me tell you. I loved it.

Calli was so great at understanding that I wasn't wanting to go crazy dramatic, but wanted to enhance the "natural/neutral" look I have going. For the most part she talked me through what she was doing on one side of my face then had me do the other side and would correct my brush strokes, how I held the brush, speed, etc. It was great!
I loved that Calli was really able to see what I was capable of doing/learning and leaving it at that. She encouraged me to come back for refreshers and reminded me that there's more to expand on if I want it, but that the things she was teaching me were really practical forever if that's how I decided to leave it. SO GREAT. Totally worth it for me. I no longer feel like a make-up retard. are pictures:
BEFORE (me with makeup I had done early that morning):

AFTER (look! I'm talking to Asia!):
A few things I really like:
  • she encouraged me to do a shadow liner for a bit to give a soft look by my eye - not the harsh black chunk I had been using.

  • she told me what colors I could use when I didn't know what to use - a dark dark purple shadow for a liner and a coppery color for shadow will go with anything and really accentuate the blue in my eyes.

  • a night look is no longer dark EVERYWHERE - just the right kick will change everything without me looking like a crazy person.

  • Even skin tone. Nuff said.

So...that was my experience. I loved it. I will go back. I just need more money first. :)

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Asia said...

oooooh, awesome make-up. I'm glad you liked it, make-up is uber fun times!