Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Riche$t Lo$er - Week 1 (and a half)

Some friends and I all decided to do a contest, that originally Asia and I came up with, but Asia wimped out on me. ;)

We're calling it the Richest Loser - everyone that wants to "play" paid $50 and weighed in on January 6th. On April 6th we will all weigh in again, and whoever has lost the highest percentage of their original body weight, will win the pot (except for $100 - 2nd and 3rd place each get their money back.)

We ended up with 12 contestants, so the winner takes home $500 to go along with their weight loss.

So far in the first 9 days of competition, I had lost 8 pounds (possibly more cause I had eaten shortley before I weighed). YAY!!

I know the first part is the easiest time to lose the weight, but the hardest to get adjusted to and it's actually been going pretty well. I'm trying to plan what I will eat for various meals in advance which helps me not have to worry about going overboard. I'm using the website SparkPeople to track my food intake and excercise and it's so helpful. (It's totally free, too! If you want to sign up you should! My username is BeckyNoel if you want to find me on there.) :)

I've been going to the gym in the morning to use the treadmill - I'm so out of shape, but I'm seeing some improvement already in how long I could go the first day verses yesterday! Unfortunately I had to skip today - I haven't been stretching before I jogged, and my Achilles are starting to kill. :( Jason and I have talked about trying to do stuff on the weekends too, even if we're not at the same gym, having "gym time" where we each go do our thing. And there are 2 pools near his house that we could try on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Good deal.

Okay. That's all. I'm signing out (8 pounds lighter!)

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Asia said...

YAY! Congratulations on your weight loss!