Thursday, January 10, 2008

Santa came to town, baby!

So....Christmas. I got some tight Shizz:

Dansko shoes! I was really happy:

They fit! :)
And Jason spoiled me like CRAZY and got me a Coach purse!! WHA??!?
Sister got me MORE MAC makeup
And brother got us another $50 gift card to come visit him. Which we will be doing in April.
Asia helped boyfriend get me some more games for my DS too - super fun!!!
Boyfriend also got me some books I've been wanting:
This book is hilarious. Well, so far. ;)
And this Photoshop book
Although I'm realizing the one I got (and gave to Asia) is really intense and I probably should have asked for/given this one:
Oh well. Live and learn.

AND Jenn and Clint got me the wristlet to go with my new purse. Super cute:
Asia also made me the coolest calendar ever. Serious.

She even talked to my sister and Jason and got everyone's birthdays and anniversaries, then added all the holidays too. It's seriously rad. Here's November:

And all the rest of the months. I LOVE it!!!!

SO.....yeah. That was fun. Maybe I'll post more later. :)

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Asia said...

Personally, I like April the best. How are the Dansko's treating you?