Thursday, May 31, 2007

Don't just stand there - BUST A MOVE!

I've been bad at updating. I know. It's okay. I'm fine with it.

Before I forget, anyone want to write my Econ paper for me? It's only 5 pages - I just don't feel like it. Anyone, anyone?

So….this is gonna be long. I meant to do two separate posts, but I'll just do a giant one. That's normal for me anyway.

Last week I saw someone come thisclose to driving INTO Walgreens. It was hilarious. She was very old. You can only see one in the picture, but about a million people came out (okay, maybe only 10) to make sure she was okay - so I took a picture. On my phone. Classy.
AND in other news - like I mentioned before, Jason bought a motorcycle. I took obsessive amounts of pictures. Here are 3:

I think it's pretty rad.

He took me out for a ride on it on Tuesday. I liked it but I'm a weenie and don't like to go very fast. So…yeah. But it was fun!! We stopped for gas (it gets 50+ mpg - his Expedition averages 14.5) and my paparazzi-ness came out.

I told him I look like Chubby Bunny:

Here are the pictures my bestie JoJo took of Jason and I while we were here. No, we are not engaged - these are not engagement pictures. Sheesh.

Okay. That's all. Don't just stand there...



Ashley said...

I love the close up of you two and the black and white ones with the blue umbrella in them. Cute cute cute!

Asia said...

Love the umbrella, when are you teaching me? Are you saying I just need to actually read the book I have?