Monday, May 07, 2007

Under a rock. Or just a boulder

So...I'm feeling a little swamped.

One of the things about my old job was that it was a lot of busy work - nothing super challenging or complicated - just a lot of work. Sometimes it was nice, but other times it was frustrating because nothing really stimulated my mind or kept me entertained.

Well, my new job is nothing like that. I feel really lucky that I've basically been able to fake my way through these past 6 work days because I'm SO CONFUSED!! And it's just getting "normal" which seems busy, so it's a little stressful. Like I spent 2 hours today trying to schedule a meeting for one of my bosses with one guy, only to have my other boss tell me to schedule the same guy for the same time. So which boss needs him more? Sigh.

Then tonight I had Economics class and that class is REALLY starting to confuse me. Our teacher really likes giving us worksheets and we turn them in for points, only half the time the questions and formulas on the worksheets are on the test so we can't study cause we turned the sheets in. So by the time I understand what we're supposed to be doing, I have to write it all out twice so I can study. It's overwhelming and time consuming and adding to stress.

Oh, and two weeks ago we had a test and we still hadn't gotten them back, and our professor walked in with them today but said he wouldn't give them out til the end of class. So the suspense was frustrating. And he handed back our tests saying the average grade was low 80s so that made me even more stressed - and I saw that I got

94%. I got a friggin A.

Oh, and I'm a genius and answered an LSAT question right for bonus points so I ended up with a 99%. YAY!

Only problem? I was re-reading my answers and have NO clue how I got so many points. I was BS'ing like crazy and...yeah. Sad. So now I just need to study my butt off to keep earning those points.

So. Yeah. Jason's going out of town this weekend for a boys trip so I'm gonna get some stuff done (yay!) but I'm gonna miss him. :( I only get to see him on the weekends, so when we get messed up it's sad. AND I won't see him much next weekend either cause my bestie Joanna is coming to see me from Alaska!! And our other bestie, Vaughn is driving over to hang with us too!! YAY!!! Fun times. I'm excited!!

So yeah...that's me for today.


Mel C. said...

Chin Up and Breathe Girl! Everything happens for a reason! Just know that everything right now is for something in the future! You are great! I miss you!
Talk to you soon!!

Ashley Schultz said...

Good things are usually difficult at first, I've found. I heard a quote once that said, "The best things in life are often difficult to obtain." Hang in there and I'll bet things will get easier after a while. Good luck with your Economics too - I took it not long ago and I know how not fun it can be.