Sunday, May 13, 2007

My first Broadway show!!


I have this freakishly awesome friend Dave who got Jenn and I the homey hookup for some tickets to RENT at the Paramount on Saturday. It was SO RAD!!!!!!! And seeing my favorite show for my FIRST EVER - rad. :) Love. Love. Love.

Jenn and I decided to dress up - come to find out we didn't need to since we went to the matinee and evidently the Paramount's a lot less formal than 5th Ave but we'll take any excuse to dress up. :)

We had AWESOME seats - front row of the balcony!!! (the first 3 rows of the balcony at the Paramount are always reserved for members of the Paramount Club - the season ticketholders, basically) AND we got allowed to go into the Paramount Club which is this swanky little private room downstairs with free sandwiches, chocolate, and just a nice little place to relax during intermission (and only a line of 3 people for the bathroom instead of the 60 for the normal one) - Did I mention Dave is AWESOME?

Here's some pictures - I took them all with the flash off just incase I wasn't supposed to take pictures (and they turn out better anyway) so I had to lighten the one of me and Jenn hence the graininess:

Have I mentioned that I love my camera's zoom? :)

Jenn and I just loved it - she'd never seen the play or the movie before and she followed it really well (I think better than I was since I was trying to compare it to the movie that I watch ALLTHETIME - including as I post this). We decided we want to see plays more often and thought we could give each other plays for our birthdays since the days are almost 6 months apart. :)

YAY!! It was really fun!

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