Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm a fugitive.

I had a run-in with the police.

I was running errands yesterday and needed change for a $20. I looked at the store to the left - new veterinary clinic with "NOW OPEN" everywhere, or a Mexican grocery store. I picked the vet clinic. The sign in the window said open, so I walked in. Didn't see anyone, so I said "Hello?" and didn't hear any one so I walked out. Walked over to the Mexican grocery store, purchased something, got my change, and started walking back.

The Vet Clinic's alarm was going off.

I figured I had set it off, but wasn't sure what to do, so I finished what I was doing at the store I was at, and as I was leaving I saw the police pull up. I walked over and asked if they were there about the alarm, they said yes, so I told them what happened. The alarm wasn't going off anymore and when we walked over to the clinic, the front doors were both locked and the sign in the window now said closed. They asked if I saw anyone lock it and I said no, because I'd gone to the Mexican grocery store then back in the store I was going to, and they replied. "Hmm". No big thang. They asked for my name, then my ID, I gave it to them, and they sent me on my way.

Now if I get arrested for breaking and entering I'll be pissed. ;)

The new job is going well. It's a totally different atmosphere than my last job so it's taken some getting used to, but I feel like I'm learning quickly and it seems okay. My desk is off in the middle of nowhere and the people around me don't really talk, so I hope this is only a temporary location. We'll see.

I get to scrap tonight. With Asia. I'm excited. :)

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