Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Napkin Post

So I was sitting at work yesterday and kept thinking of things that weren't whole-post worthy but were mentionable-worthy, so I wrote them on a napkin. So I will refer to this as a Napkin Post. This may be long.

First things first. My purse was overflowing. I am the pickiest person EVER when it comes to buying purses - partly because there is no way you would ever find my changing purses to match my outfits, so I have to get one that will go with anything/anyone. (Since I use the same purse for work amongst executives and stuff, and will also use it to go to Blockbuster at 11:15pm on a weeknight in a sweatsut about 3 sizes too large.) So I had been having Coach bag envy for awhile but the Target girl in me could not (ever) justify spending $200+ on a bag. C.R.A.Z.Y. There's a Coach outlet about 45 minutes north of me (and another 2 hours south, now that I think about it) but that's just far. So I went to 2nd & Pine in Seattle to the guys that sell the fake bags and I bartered and got me a faux-ch bag. :) And a wallet.

Even I (who really doesn't know about these things) can really tell it's fake - pretty sure they aren't supposed to be 2 different colors! :) Oh well, I love the size of it and Jason doesn't yell at me for being prime robbery material with my overflowing purse. Yay.
So I work in the International District and went to the International market and wandered around. I saw they sold 12 packs of Diet Coke and was gonna get one until I saw this:

WHAT?!?! Bunch of crazies. That's worse than the airport.
I walked by a girl yesterday that was OBVIOUSLY fighting with someone. Loudly. Passionately. And in another language. She was crying too. It was sad. I wonder if I feel more sorry for her when I can't understand what she's saying or if I would roll my eyes. Who knows?
I am a ridiculously picky eater. Seriously. I like my tacos and burgers with no lettuce, I don't like onions, mushrooms, peppers or mustard. So, instead of taco salad, I get a taco bowl (with no lettuce it's not much of a salad.) I get my Philly Cheesesteaks with just meat and cheese, and my burgers only ketchup. I'm weird. I'm okay with it. I don’t like trying new foods and order one of 3 options from the menu when we go out (Yeah - surprising I've been able to find 3 things most places.)

On top of this, I hate choosing where to eat. Yeah, I'm picky, but I'll figure something out and I never like deciding unless I know what people want. Like I'll choose which Mexican restaurant we'll go to if that's what you want, but don't tell me "I don't care - you pick" because I'll pick Quizno's or Ruth's Chris Steak House. (ha)

So, like I said, I work in the International District, and while the market has great choices for International foods, I hate it. For some reason, I haven't been diggin teriyaki lately, so for my "approved" eating, that pretty much leaves Sweet and Sour Chicken and Herfys. Yes, there's a Herfy's. I don't get it either. AND the whole place is Pepsi products. So not only do I not have food I like, I can't buy fountain soda there either. Sucks. And I OBVIOUSLY can't buy a 12 pack from the market. That's one thing I do really miss - the last few years I've been lucky to work close to a grocery store - this one doesn't have quite the same stuff. Sad. :(
So…currently watching:

The obsession with King of Queens is still going strong. I love that show. Doug cracks me up and Carrie - well, she was on Saved by the Bell so you have to love her. :) And she's really nice in interviews I've heard and stuff too. Yay. I just finished season 3 so I'm still WAY behind, but I love it. :)

I also watched "Can't Buy Me Love" with Patrick Dempsey this week - it's funny. Definitely takes me back to the big hair and the poofy dresses.
Last night was "Whatever It Takes" with Shane West & Marla Sokoloff (remember Gia, Stephanie Tanner's rebel friend from Full House - yeah, it's her). I cracked up with the accordian and the prom scene. What can I say? I heart teen movies. :) -----------------------------
So I'm a girl. (Yeah, news flash) I get my nails done. I hate getting my nails done. I'm so picky about colors (purses don't get seen as much as nails and you know how I feel about those!) and it's just a lot of time and it's hard to multi-task when they are working on your HANDS…yeah. I hate it. I don't mind it as much if it's something I can do on my lunch break, though, so I've been trying to find a nail place around my new job that I can go to. You would think that there would be some, since it's the International District (and that's not racist- it's a statistical fact most nail places are owned by non-Caucasian people), but I'm not having any luck. Some girl told me to shuttle down to the Columbia Tower in Seattle and go to the "reasonably priced" nail salon there, so I did. $60+ for a full set! And $35 for a fill!! Bunch of crazies. (If you don't know, those prices are usually about $25/$15 respectively) So…still looking. I just don't like to cut into my personal time with stupid stuff like nails. :) But I like having them. So does Jason (back scratches are 10x better). The search continues.
Can I just say that I friggin love the Seattle skyline? My first day at Amazon I had training in a building that overlooks the rest of the city…gorgeous!! These are from my camera phone so excuse the quality, but you still get the idea!!

I have my room decorated in Seattle pictures. I love it. It's pretty. :)
So Friday night I scrapped with Asia…fun times!

Scrapping can be messy:

But we were hard at work:
I even got myself a treat! I really didn't get much done - I was really tired and felt very unproductive. Sad. I finished the book I had started at the 20 hour crop (well, almost. I'm missing a picture of my family)

Yay. Good times. And I made a book for my sista to put pictures of her and her friends working at the Sonics Team Store. Right On. (no pics of that one)
Saturday - CINCO DE MAYO! Love it love it love it. Wait, no…love margaritas. Blended. Strawberry. Love.

We'd been hanging out with Clint, Jenn and Jenn's friend Alyssa so I begged to go to Toreros for the ginormous margaritas. They gave in. :) We called ahead to see what the wait would be and they said 40-50 minutes. Yikes! But it was Cinco de Mayo, I wanted margaritas, and there would be a wait anywhere at that point. So we still went. We got there and the girl told us 10-20 minutes. SWEET! Except…it was really an hour. When they (finally) called our name, we started walking to the table and I saw a sign that said:

"Sorry, amigos! No blended drinks on Cinco de Mayo"

WHAT?!?!?! SO. VERY. SAD!!! I even tried begging our waitress but she wasn't having it. So I had to get one on the rocks. Sad. (okay, fine, it was good, but I like MY drink.) :) It was good times. Clint and I both had margaritas and we were entertaining everyone. :)
The girls The boys doing shots
Good times. Okay, that's all for the Napkin Post. Until next time!!!
"I don’t wanna be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately. All I have to do is think of you and I have piece of mind…" - Gavin Degraw


Asia said...

You freaking crack me up and I love the pictures of us them to me NOW!

Ashley Schultz said...

I love how your cute lucky book turned out. I also like King of Queens. I enoyed reading your post. Have a fun weekend!