Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Ya know…I kinda like the fact that I'm hard on myself.

Today I felt like my head was screwed on sideways - from waking up too early so resetting my alarm for the "right" time (which ended up being 45 minutes LATER than it should have been), to trying to double book someone else for meetings with each of my bosses, to forgetting to call in to host a meeting, to forgetting to invite someone else TO a meeting (he was a key player too), to not making sure all attendees had responded to a different meeting - I'm just off today!

I needed a mental break today so went driving around - big mistake. (Heads up to Seattle-ites: there's major construction on Dexter) It felt like every turn was a wrong turn. After the last few meeting blunders I felt like I was gonna burst out crying (did I mention I'm PMSing on top of this?) and luckily a friend was on IM and reassured me I was doing okay and if they get too mad when I'm still new that's not good. So I sucked it up and wrote an apology about one screw up and waited for the "missing person" meeting to end and rushed to apologize to my boss.
Turns out, "missing person" wandered in to the meeting so my bosses response was
"sorry for what?"
Geez. And the other boss?

"Don't give it a 2nd thought - you're doing a great job and this was an easy fix."

COME ON!! Yell at me, make me feel terrible so I go above and beyond to never do it again!!! Or not. Cause I make myself cry, no reason to waste tissues.

So that's why I know I'm harder on myself than I should be, but I like it. Cause had I not apologized to one or the other, who knows if they would have been mad? And I know apologizing actually betters me because it makes everyone aware of what I know I should have done/be doing. Just one of those days, ya know?

Did I mention Jason drove a motorcycle to work today so all day I've had that in my mind? A friend of the family died in a motorcycle accident a few years ago and was a very experienced rider. There was a fatality motorcycle accident just this morning not too far from where he lives to top things off. But paying $600 per month in gas for his big fly ride is nuts (I'll even admit that) so it's just me getting used to the idea. He even checked with me first to make sure I'd be okay with the idea and I said yes (Cause I hate the type of girls that say no to that sorta thing) but I'm still just not used to it.

So anyway, that's my day. By the way, usually when I'm feeling "off" I grab some of these puppies:

SO STINKIN GOOD. Seriously. And I don't normally like Lime. SO...yeah. (I have some under my desk right now)

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Ashley Schultz said...

Sorry you had a tough day. I hate those. I hope tomorrow is better for you.

I love those chips too. They're my favorite. Now I'm craving them with some salsa (and you know how I feel about salsa). Must go to the store...