Monday, April 02, 2007

Laugh so hard you...fall over???

One of my favorite books of all time is The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapmen. I felt like I learned so much about relating to other people in this book!! I also learned that I am definately a "quality time" person.

Knowing that about myself, it's sometimes hard for me to really get to know people face-to-face. I've learned that with the wonders of the internet, I can get to know people pretty well by spending time focusing on them through emails, chatting and just really learning about their life from them. Once I did that, though, it feels harder to get to know people in person. (does that make any sense?) Because I feel closest to someone when I have memories and moments with them, getting to know people is hard for me! And if there's little quirks about people that are hard for me to get past, it's even more of a challenge to convince myself to work to move past those things. (Sounds way more complicated than it probably is).

But my absolute most favoritist way of getting to know people is through humor. I adore people with a sense of humor similar to mine, and when I get to laugh with other people. I feel so much closer to people that I've laughed a lot with.

Anyway, I just started thinking about why I wanted to post about Saturday night and all this came to mind, so...yeah. Saturday.

Saturday night we were invited over to Dan and Emily's, along with Jenn and Clint. (you might remember this group from The Melting Pot Post - Clint is Jason's best friend, Dan is Clint's brother and Jenn and Emily are their wives.) Dan was gonna be cooking (with some assistance) and we were all supposed to be there by 5 to eat at 5:30. Well, we had to stop for a few things so we were a little late (the stops were for them) and it was okay because the food didn't end up being ready until...7:30. No joke. But it was good. I think. :)

While we were waiting, the girls hung out, had some drinks and we all just had a REALLY good time. It was so much fun!! Our bonfire/hang out night was one of my favorite memories of the past year - awwww...

Clint and Jason - BFFs!! (or as I like to call them Heterosexual Life Partners - ha)
Clint reinacting the "evolution of dance" - Running Man.
Clint and I
Jenn, me and Emily
Jenn, Bonnie, me and Emily
We were trying to make Jason drink his beer and he was SO confused as to what we were doing.
And my favorite - Clint was laughing so hard at something that he literally fell over. No joke. Like knees gave out - he's on the ground. We were laughing way too hard to take a picture of that, but I did get a picture of him on his knees on his way back up. :)

I had such a good time!!! Yay for fun. :)

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Ashley said...

It looks like you had a great time from the pictures. I'm glad you had fun.

I also love The Five Love Languages. Good stuff.