Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fun Fun Fun's been a good weekend.

Friday was my last day at my old job and it was ...surreal. It totally didn't feel like it was happening. The department went to lunch at McCormick and Shmidt's (a seafood place - they took me out to lunch at a seafood place?!?!) and it was really fun. They had some good options other than seafood too. :) AND they got me $50 gift certificate at one of the malls here. Yay!

I made it through everyone leaving at the end of the day (Asia was easy - I will see her frequently so we didn't really say bye) until it was down to the last 2. One being the sweetest lady ever (who, by the way, got me a $50 gift certificate to the local scrapbook store...sweet!) and the other being a girl that started after me that I really hope allows herself to "blossom" in the working world. She's growing so much and I know she'll be a great employee-it's just that I'll miss seeing that! :( I totally broke down when I had to say good bye to them. :(

Jason had made plans with his friend for them and their girlfriends to hang out, so we went to the driving range, out to dinner and then to Gameworks. I had never been to the driving range before and it was fun!

Jason and his friend were practically pros:
I, on the other hand, was not doing as well as I would like. I hit most of them between 50-75 yards, with only one going past that. Oh, and I got like 3 whiffs before each connection between club and ball. Details. :)

Jason and his friend were trying to hit the balls into the baskets - they only got one and I got TWO!! I friggin rock. Of course, I couldn't do it if I tried, but ya know. :)

Saturday Jason and I ran some errands, getting birthday gifts for his dad and random other things before his family came over to celebrate his dad's birthday. Jason's neice was there - she's adorable! Love that chick. She got a new toy and she was so cute.

We left there and went to meet up with The Newlyweds Adam and Asia to see a well-known comic at Giggles in Seattle. (sidenote to Asia - I am so bad at getting pictures when the 4 of us go out!! This is the 2nd time I have nothing to prove we did the activity together. Remind me next time. Or else.) :) (which, I guess the "or else" will be that we won't have any pictures)
He's definitely R-Rated and it was okay - different than I expected but still fun. :) My favorite "employee"/host of Giggles, Jeff, was there. I think he's under-rated there or something. He never seems to get the spotlight he really deserves and other, strange, comics get it. Whatever.
Today I ran errands, used the $50 mall gift certificate in conjuction with a sale that was going on at one of my favorite stores and hit the jackpot. Tomorrow - I start my new job. I'm nervous/anxious/excited. YAY! Most of the day will be training and getting situated, but still- YAY!! :) Hopefully I will have ALL of my voice back, as it's still mostly gone. It's better, but not all there yet. :(


Asia said...

I'm sad that your not going to be here? Who am I supposed to talk to? I can't connect with these people. I got some wedding pics back on Saturday, very normal, nothing special, but whatever. I get the disc of all the photos on Tuesday, in time to print pics YAY!

Ashley said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend. How cool about the gift certificate. Good luck at your new job (I guess you're there now). That's really exciting!