Monday, March 26, 2007

Run Run Run's been awhile. :)

This weekend was pretty good! Friday during my lunch break I went to the community college I will be attending and bought my books:

(yes I have matching notebooks...even though one class is online. And pens to coordinate with the color of the notebook. I'm just that anal.)

Notice the books are all USED and 3 of the 4 are small paperback novel-sized books. Doesn't matter, I tell you because:

Yep. $182. Yowza!

And I got a map of the campus and tried to figure out where I will be parking and what building I'll be in.
Classes don't start for a week, but I'm just that

Friday night we didn't get to hang out much and we were SUPER tired from long days, so we made it a remarkably short night. We're old. (not really)

Saturday Jason had made plans to help out at his friend's parents house so I got some crafty time (WHAT?!?!?! that never happens!) :)

So remember that flower Jason gave me for Valentines Day? Evidently part of the gift was an activity in that he wanted me to paint it. So I started that this weekend. I give you the before and after:

Oooh...I still need to do some major touch-ups as I can't outline the petals straight to save my life and the paint must have had bubbles or something for that weird uneven color but ...yay.

I also did some scrapbookimicating. (that's a technical term.) I totally jacked the title/idea for this page from THIS GIRL (you can click the link, but you may lose all respect for me as a scrapper as this is a blatent "scrapjack" or "scraplift" whichever you prefer to call it. And our styles are different, yes, so you aren't supposed to compare but we all do anyway and I lose. I'm okay with it.) and made this:

If you can't read the list it is:
*being the only person over 3 feet tall playing in the kids room at the Museum of Flight *"popping" my yawns by sticking his finger in my open mouth *calling me "toast" *wandering around each aisle at Sam's Club every time we go there *fluttering his eyelashes to get to play "just one more game" of pinball *convincing me that it really is urgent to stop for wiper fluid at 3am when it's raining outside *watching the Dirty Jobs marathon every time it's on *making silly faces in pictures that I don't see until later *listening to Sir Mix a Lot...and only Sir Mix a Lot *Pretending he isn't watching the MTV reality shows right along with me.

Yay for Scrappy Saturday.

I met back up with Jason and we went to dinner at Torero's - aww...cute. That was where we had our first date. :) I felt like having a margarita and told Jason that and he ordered me the large. Little did we know how big large was:

It was enormous!! But let me tell was good. :) Yum Yum Yum.

Oh, and a boy at work was trying to tell me that his dog was cuter than Jason's dog, Dixie and I had to prove him wrong. Aren't we cute? I want to someday get a picture of me, Jason's neice and Dixie and frame it for Jason in one of those frames that says something like "my girls". I'm funny. :)

And then there was Sunday.
Sunday was the big day.
Sunday was my first 5k.

I didn't sleep very well Saturday night because I'm a dork and was having strange dreams about the 5k. Like I dreamt that I started, and then realized I never checked in so I had to run back to the starting line and check in then start over. Or that I got really lost running the race and ended up finding my way back only to be told that the route I ran wasn't a 5k and so I was never allowed to participate in one ever again.

It was weird. So I was tired Sunday but was all ready to do this thing.

I was running with Jenn and Emily so was glad to have people there that I knew but I was counting on doing the race by myself.

First of all, before I signed up I checked out the course. You would think since the run was in the downtown area of where I work (including running past my work) I would be familliar with it. I recongnized all the streets and decided I could do it.

I read the map wrong. (no joke)

This stupid race was incredibly hilly!! Everywhere we turned - hills. So running up the hill took SO much energy that I tried to pace myself and take the hills slow but since every corner had another hill, I went really slow. It was hard. It was pouring down rain. It was not fun.
But I beat all my training times by over 2 minutes.

I will never do another run without driving the course first, but I don't think I'll do another run at all for quite a while. And I'm okay with that.

Jenn and I finished at the same time:

And Emily beat us by about 7 minutes.

I was so grateful that Jason and Jenn and Emily's husbands went. It was SO much better knowing Jason would be at the finish line and that someone was cheering me on to do well. He's wonderful. And he took pictures. Because he loves me. :)

So...yeah. I look stupid in the pictures but that's okay. :) Cause I did my first 5k. :)

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Ashley said...

Yay! You did it! That's quite an accomplishment! Good for you. Your layout is really fun too.