Friday, May 02, 2008

Hair and Love/Hates

So my hair used to be really long and pretty. Then some idiot told me to put layers in it and it's been all downhill since.

It is currently taking forever to try to grow it back out again. I have a picture of EXACTLY how I like it, but it's on my computer at home and I am not at home. :( So here's a stroll down memory lane:

June 2005 (not sure why I'm hunched like that, but aren't my daddy and I cute?)

November 2006

***Around this time is when IDIOT gave me layers. And yes, I am bitter.***

January 2007 (didn't look too bad when curly) March 2007
***Around this time is when I had the haircut that made me cry. And I don't really cry over hair.***

October 2007:

April 2008: And today:

Maybe one day I'll have long, pretty hair again.

Sidenote: I don't post many pictures of myself on my blog. so when I'm trying to find pictures I know were taken, they are not available. That's a problem.


So I leave later today for St. Louis. So. Stoked!!!

Can I just say that getting the Bush Bucks in my bank account this morning was a nice surprise. :)

And because I feel very bad for not going to PHL this weekend (but will be there soon, hopefully!!) this is in honor of Nate who evidently has moved:

I hate: Crappy blowdryers (Old Faithful died on me on Monday and my replacement sucks), when the battery dies on something I’m using, people that mock my picky food choices, having to wear seatbelts, traffic jams for nothing other than going around a corner, squinting, having to wait more than 5 minutes for the traffic report during rush hour (I’m impatient), not being able to turn off the shutter sound for the camera on my Crackberry, almonds, getting a leg wax from someone that doesn’t understand the pain difference between full strips and half strips, songs that’s lyrics don’t make any sense (Gavin Degraw-like the music, will never understand his songs), when I flake out on people, bad grammar in obvious places, seeing a smile fade (watch for it – it will hurt your heart), glittery comments on MySpace, how everything comes with onions nowadays (Pho? Really? Put it in the side options), the phrase “fuckin a” – you’ve already said a swear word, why just the “a”?, cheap tissue/toilet paper or qtips, when someone leaves you a voicemail that says “I’ll send you an email about it” – pick one or the other, .

I like: Pictures in the photobooth (shocker), harmonies on songs, playing darts with people that really suck at it (cause I do too), how my butt looks in new jeans (ha), seeing an artist or comedian go from an unknown to very well known (you feel like you’re watching a kid grow up), not wearing contacts/glasses anymore, lime tortilla chips (so delish), seeing someone check you out (really only a “like” if they are vaguely attractive), sunglasses (to prevent the squinting), beer at a baseball game, playing BINGO – don’t mock it til you’ve tried it, Demitri Martin (some hilarious one-liners), people that graciously take a compliment (when I say “You look nice today” don’t try to prove me wrong. “Thank you” is typically a good response), being really good at baking, semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies, being able to sleep on airplanes, staring out the window, getting picture messages, unexpected punchlines, candy necklaces, the Aquafina commercial with Lou Pinella yelling nice things at the umpire (did I mention I get to see Lou tomorrow? Stoked.), visiting friends in far away places J, mechanical pencils, medium point pens, keyless entry, Wheel of Fortune, giving/getting creative nicknames and fireworks.

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