Friday, May 16, 2008

Picture Project (catch up)

I totally forgot that I was doing that Picture Project.
And I'm 3 weeks behind.
So here's what I should have been posting:
G = March 30 to April 12

G is for Great View
So I went on a date with a guy during this time (the guy that I mentioned went to the church that I started going to, but I coincidently haven't seen him since. Which I'm fine with.) and while I don't want to post a picture of HIM, I can post a picture of the GREAT VIEW we had from Kerry Park. (I'd never been there before, so I suggested throwing around a football up there. I'm so good at this game)

G is for Glasses (that I will never wear again!)

Okay this next one is a little "G is for Gross" (har har) - after Lasik, it's common to have burst blood vessels in your eye from the pressure/suction. But that doesn't make it "not-gross". And on top of gross eyes, a very flattering picture of myself. ;)

G is for Gorgeous Day - I snapped this with my camera phone from Courtney's In-Laws deck. The problem: I was taking the picture of the water and not ON the water.

G is for Gambling/Good Luck

Courtney and I had been going to play Bingo every Friday for a few weeks and had never won. Each week is only $20 (and it lasts about 3 hours) so it wasn't THAT bad, but then one night, Courtney won $200!!! (don't tell her I posted this pic. She doesn't read this and she would kill me) H = April 13 to April 26

H is for Happy Birthday

(cause sometimes people actually SEE when I send Happy Birthday greetings at ball parks.... oooh low blow...ha ha)

H is for Hoffmans!!

My family and I at Knotts Berry Farm on my brother's 29th Bday

(sister, mom, sister-in-law, me, dad, brother) I = April 27 to May 10

I is for Ice Cold Beer: I is for Iguanas

(from the St. Louis Zoo - they were fighting. It was hysterical. Bob that head!)

Now I'm onto J's, but those are "due" yet. :)

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