Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Catching Up With the Times

So evidently I'm the last person to catch on to just about everything.
Okay, that's not true.
But I **JUST** started using Google Reader.
(If for some reason you are not using it, try it. It will revolutionize your life.)
I friggin LOVE not having to click through a long list of bookmarked pages to see who updated, and if someone did, having to look to see if I've read all the updates since last time I visited their page. This just POSTS them. It's amazing.
AND I can read my favorite blogs from ANY computer. LOVE that.
I started adding all the blogs I like and have actually found that I'm reading MORE blogs now because before I would not want to add to my ever-increasing list of pages to check daily. Now - it's all in one place and I can scroll through like there's no tomorrow.
AND you can share posts that might be of interest to other bloggers. It's rather entertaining to see what my friends share with their friends (and laugh at some of the blogs they read).
The only problem is that it's not *quite* advanced enough to let me read blogs that are password protected/private. Which my blog was.
SO...I did what I've been meaning to do for the last 2 months and switched to Wordpress (www.beckynoel.wordpress.com) because it will let me set posts to private, tag photos and change my privacy settings if I so chose.
So I won't update here anymore. Change your bookmarks/Google Reader. :)

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