Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No Foolin!

So I cried this morning.
It was a cry of "I am so proud of myself and it's finally sinking in".
My parents got me a leather jacket for Christmas probably 5 years ago. It hasn't fit me for at least 3 years.
My peacoat is WAY too big now. It looks pretty sloppy so I was frustrated that I couldn't wear that. My North Face fleece is too casual for what I was wearing today.
I saw the leather jacket in my closet and thought "Let's just see..."
It fits. Wonderfully.
I cried. :)
Final weigh in is on Sunday and I'm at 17.3% weight loss so far (44.9 pounds). I REALLY hope to be able to get up to my goal for the contest (which would mean 4.1 more pounds in less than a week which isn't really healthy) but I'm doing 2-a-days at the gym so we will see what happens.
Today I was happy to realize that the whole goal for this thing has changed - it's no longer about proving to the people that will be there how much I wanted this or showing them how great I look or ANYTHING like that. It's that now that I want to see a number I've not seen in a long time and give myself a kick in the rear to keep going for the rest of it. Oh, and walk out richer. ;)

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endurancegirl said...

You are amazing! Keep it up, i saw your pics on myspace and my immediate thought was wow, I can see all your hard work is paying off! You look great!