Thursday, April 03, 2008

"Don't go changing..."

So I have this friend named Dave. He looks EXACTLY like Dave Chappelle. To the point that when we hang out he gets asked for his autograph. (That really has nothing to do with why I'm posting about him, but just a fun tidbit)

On Monday when I was driving home from work, I saw Dave's car on I-90. SO FUN! So I called him and was teasing him about "Do you ever feel like you're being followed?" We laughed. Good times.

Yesterday I was in the parking lot for Safeway/24 hour fitness and almost got hit by some crazy BMW. It was Dave. WEIRD. (and don't drive crazy, dude!)
Today I was driving to work and hear someone honking at me. No joke - it's him. 3 times. In 4 days. WEIRD. Understand that before last week, I hadn't even talked to Dave in probably 6 months.
Back in May, 2005, Courtney got married and we had these super cute bridesmaid dresses:

I got invited to a wedding in May for one of the bosses at work and it's supposed to be ridiculously fancy, so I was thinking I was going to have to shell out big bucks for a dress. Well, I don't. The dress fits. Hopefully it won't fit by May (should be too big) but alterations are much cheaper than new dresses. Usually. (ha)

Today is my last day of ever wearing glasses or contacts. I can not explain how totally excited I am. My LASIK is at 8am tomorrow and then I'm supposed to go home and sleep. I am going to try to stay up SUPER late tonight (probably utilize the 24-hour-ness of my gym) and will probably be too anxious to sleep. YAY!!
I was given the nickname "Peanut" this week. It makes me laugh and I actually really like it. Someone pointed out, though, that I'm allergic to nuts, so I have a nickname of something I am allergic to. ha.


F is for Free Concert - Dave (mentioned above) gave me tickets last week to a concert for Josh Kelley (married to Katherine Heigl) who is a fave of my sister and I. We even got to meet him!
F is for Family/Favorite Person Ever/Four-eyes - my sister and I at the Sonics game on Sunday
F is for Family Guy - at the game someone at the scorer's table was not watching the game, but watching Family Guy. Ha!
I had a coffee today.
A grande non-fat sugar-free vanilla latte.
I never drink coffee.
I'm a little wired.
This makes me laugh every time it pops up:

(I'm on his email list, but I always feel like he's emailing me personally - ha)

I say the following things entirely too much:
  • "Realistically..."
  • "...or something..."
  • "worse case scenario"

Just thought I'd share. :)


endurancegirl said...

i swear you and your sister meet more famous people than anyone else i know! i love josh kelley!

amandakiser said...

I find the fact that the guy is watching Family Guy instead of the basketball game which other people paid good $ to see very funny. I also find it sad that the Sonics are so bad people would really rather be at home watching TV. Poor, sad, Seattle Sonics.

PS. Those B-maid dresses are cute? Do you know where they are from? My BFF is getting married and entering full on panic mode about the dresses. Thanks!