Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blown Engine Nightmares and Transmission Dreams

First of all, in the last 2 months I have had 3 opportunities to take advantage of a situation to better myself.

The girl in front of me at the cash machine left her card in the machine. A less-honest person could have milked it. Me? I ran through the parking lot looking like an idiot just to give her card back.

I bought some shirts for Jason and one of the shirts was $9.99 and the other was $24.99. He rang up both shirts at 9.99. I corrected him. Could have "gotten a deal".

I ended up returning the 9.99 shirt (didn't fit). Instead of returning the item, the guy returned the whole purchase, handing me back $25 more than I should be getting back. I corrected him.

The joke lately has been that something phenominal is gonna happen and my honesty will be rewarded.

Well, not quite happening yet.

Jason and I were driving to his house today and we thought we ran over something or popped a tire, so we pulled over - as weird as it seems to hope for a popped tire, that's not quite it.

My transmission blew.
(That's ridiculously expensive, just in case you didn't know.
As in thousands.)

**LUCKILY Jason was with me. LUCKILY We were about 3 miles from his house. LUCKILY His brother was home and available and could tow us to their house. LUCKILY They have a shop that can lift up my car so they (and the mechanic-wanna be neighbor kid) can figure out what exactly is wrong. **

That's the good news. The bad news is that according to Jason, it's much more electronic than the stuff they've worked on before, so he's not positive they should be doing the work.

That. Sucks.

Oh, and we went to the dragstrip on Saturday so Clint could test his car before Nationals...and he blew his engine. No joke. So he's not racing in Nationals anymore (or for the rest of the season, probably).

I don't swear too often (especially in writing) but
this fucking sucks.

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Asia said...

That totally sucks. I'm SORRY, :(. Are there no warning signs that your transmission might blow? Is this a random thing that happens that I should worry about as well?