Thursday, July 12, 2007

May the Force be

Countdown: 7 days.
I first started dating Jason in October of 2005. (whoa - reality check of that feeling really long ago and not-so-long ago all at the same time). (Oh and we don't really know what day we should celebrate as our anniversary (that's a story for another day - remind me.)
ANYWAY. October 2005 - Unbeknownst to me, I was about to become part of the world of dragracing.

I totally thought I knew what drag racing was - that was when the guys at my high school and some of the local college guys would meet up on the weekends and race each other in dark alleys and stuff like that. Fast and the Furious was drag racing right?
Not really.

What I thought was drag racing is actually illegal street racing. (I knew about the illegal part.)
REAL drag racing takes place in cars like this:

Funny Car (don't know why they call it that): Jet Car (that's an actual jet engine shooting those flames):

Jason’s best friend Cling has grown up in a family of drag racers and his dad is fairly well-known in west coast drag racing. Coincidently, Jason’s family lives within walking distance of the largest raceway in the area. They hung out there a lot.

Clint now races a dragster, his dad races a car that looks similar to the funny car, but is actually a different class. We don’t know any jet car people.

CLint and his wife are at different races at least 2 times each month between May-August with races every weekend in July. So…of course, we went to the local ones.

I was so lost. I had no clue what was going on, why, and I hated being out in the 85+ degree heat we had last year. It. Was. Miserable.

This year, though, I know his friends MUCH better and am WAY more comfortable around them which makes a huge difference. I vaguely know what to expect at the track and have a year under my belt of remembering what occurs at a race and hearing about them and putting the 2 together. I get it so much more now. I actually like it.

Since Jason and Clint LOVE watching it and us girls don’t really care either way, it’s on. A lot. I learn even more. I grew to love John and Ashley Force - a father/daughter team that seemed to be everywhere and always did well. Lucky for me, they had just recorded a reality show so I saw that he actually has 4 daughters, 3 of which were on the show. He cracks me up.

John Force: Ashley Force (she's so pretty!):

Next weekend (the 21st - hence the 7 day countdown), John Force Racing will be at our local track for the National races.

I’m friggin stoked.

I know I probably won’t get to meet them, but I just want to catch a glimpse! It will be so fun!

Ashley’s only 24 and she’s already set major records in National Drag Racing for being the first girl to do a bunch of things. She wants to be the first girl to win a race (not just 2 cars racing – win the whole class - which is really hard to do!) and has a bunch of other goals which I think is rad.

I’m such a nerd. I’m gonna be total paparazzi at a boy’s event. :)

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