Monday, June 18, 2007

So Lucky

Jason's grandma (mom's side) had Parkinsons for a long time and had (in the year and a half we've been dating) gone from being able to walk normally to barely being able to move even with assistance in her wheelchair. Even though I didn't get to see her too often - maybe about 7 times total - I was always impressed by how this 80 year old woman was so sassy and witty. It took a lot out of her to make her sarcastic comments but she was so fun! It really was a mind over matter situation – her brain was as sharp as it was in her 20s, I’m sure, but time was getting the best of her and you could tell she was fighting it off hard.
About six weeks ago, a doctor that had been trying to figure out why she was having bad headaches often discovered that she had an advanced strain of brain cancer. He told the family she may not make it through the week but she wasn’t gonna have that – she made it five more weeks. She was such a fighter.
Jason’s mom has been so tough – she was mentally prepared for this and the emotions are starting to hit her and (as of today) she’s not doing so well. And Jason’s been so amazing. He has been helping his family so much lately in the only way he knows how – giving time, assistance, acts of service, everything. This past week I have seen a side of him that I knew was there but stole my heart all over again.
He was telling me today “Mom was crying and I felt so bad because I didn’t know what to say to make her feel better or to stop crying so I just hugged her for a really long time until she stopped crying and let go.” (I love that he honestly doesn’t realize that is exactly what she needed right then.) Right now he’s going with her to finalize some things and my heart is just so full right now with how amazing he is as a son. I’ve seen him do this type of thing for his brothers too, and even though he’s done it a thousand times for me too it’s something special to see that the person you love is really great at loving those around him.

I’m so blessed.

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Ashley said...

And he is lucky that you realize how great he is. What a sweet post.