Saturday, March 10, 2007

Like you wanted to know anyway

I've seen the posts people have done with lists of information about themselves and have found them interesting, but didn't know if I could come up with enough "interesting" information about myself. Yesterday I thought of a few (lets hope I remember them!) and thought "I'll just go for it" so here are facts about me: (I'll start with basics just for fun and to get warmed up.) Here goes nothing!
1. My name is Becky Noel.
2. I am six feet tall
3. I never played basketball after 7th grade (and barely played then.)
4. I have been dating my boyfriend Jason for almost a year and a half.
5. This is by far my longest relationship.
6. I am the youngest of three children, but the tallest.
7. Both my siblings are presently in California - my sister's visiting my brother who lives there. 8. My parents have been married for over 30 years.
9. At my parents wedding, 3 of the couples that walked with each other in the bridal party ended up getting married.
10. I work as an administrative assistant in the relocation department of a large real estate company.
11. I despise being an assistant - I've been one for a long time so that it's all I feel qualified for, and I know I am good at it, but I want very badly for something else.
12. I have been a scrapbooker for 11 years (since 8th grade.)
13. I was Senior Class President.
14. I used to be excited that I'd have to plan the class reunion, now I don't really want to go.
15. I run into more people from high school on a weekly basis than I'd really like to as it is.
16. I have a hole in the front of my car from an accident last year. I have the parts to replace it but I have to have them painted and I'm dragging my feet on spending that much on stupid paint.
17. I am addicted to Diet Coke even though sometimes it makes me sick.
18. I belong to a gym.
19. I actually work out there (3 times last week).
20. I am probably gonna walk a 5k later this month.
21. I have never owned my own bike. I think we shared 2 bikes amongst the 3 of us.
22. Due to this, I'm just not used to riding it.
23. I want to try because Jason likes to ride and I like to spend time with him. :)
24. Jason's favorite number is 24.
25. He has a tattoo of it.
26. I like to go bowling, but usually only do 2 games (sometimes 3 if I'm feeling crazy) cause it starts to hurt my hand.
27. We went bowling Friday night. I broke 100!! :)
28. I am addicted to all things that are strategy games. Tetris, Bejewelled, Bust-a-Move, Super Collapse - all of it.
29. Some friends tease me because I was tired and a little intoxicated one night and sat and played word games. Who plays word games when they're tipsy?
30. My mom was an English teacher and we had to speak properly.
31. Catch phrases around our house were things like "Cakes are done, people are finished." Weird.
32. I really hate it when people misspell words, use improper grammar and make typos. I'm weird.
33. I love watching MTV reality TV. 34. Other favorite shows - Greys Anatomy, Prison Break, One Tree Hill, Saved by the Bell, King of Queens, Last Comic Standing.
35. I adore Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up comedy. Never was a fan of the TV show.
36. I really like stand-up comedy in general!!
37. I abhor the sound of whistling. It's like sharp pain stabbing my ear drums.
38. My boss (who sits right next to me at work) whistles all day long.
39. I got my laptop in November on Black Friday. Totally worth it.
40. I take my cell phone everywhere. I would rather be late getting somewhere than get there and not have my phone.
41. I hate it when I can't get a hold of people just because they don't have their phone with them.
42. In 2002, I lived in a house of 7 girls. We joked that it was The Real World-Bellingham.
43. I would never live with that many girls ever again.
44. Most of my friends live far away from me. My best friend is in Alaska, and other close friends live in Dallas, Phoenix, North Dakota, Alabama and Kansas. It's sad. I miss them.
45. Jason had never had a bowl of Captain Crunch before last week. We almost broke up. (okay, just kidding.) He has now.
46. I found out yesterday he has never had Apple Jacks either. My poor deprived boyfriend.
47. I love chewy candy - Skittles, Mike and Ikes, Charleston Chew, Laffy Taffy, Sour Patch, Licorice, etc.
48. Other than Charleston Chew, I rarely eat chocolate.
49. I am terrible at pool but I like to play it. :)
50. I am extremely competitive. It's more a flaw than a fun-fact.
51. I love to go see movies. If no one is readily available to go with me, I am totally fine going by myself.
52. I saw Dreamgirls by myself on Saturday - LOVED LOVED LOVED it.
53. McDonalds has a new commercial for their iced coffees - "I had a goat named Becky. It's a great name...for a goat."
54. Becky is also the name of Barbie's friend that is in a wheelchair.
55. I did not like my name BEFORE I discovered these things. All the more reason not to like it.
56. When my sister was 7 or 8, she decided she wanted to go by Michelle instead of Shelly. So she changed. I would love to do that. It's a little harder at 24 than 8.
57. I have no idea what I would go by instead. Maybe just Rebecca. Maybe Noël (it's different).
58. Jason's sister-in-law is pregnant. I asked his niece (who is 2) what the new baby's name will be and she said "Toast". Maybe I'll go by that.
59. My favorite day out of the whole year is October 4th. I don't know why, but I love walking around saying "Ten-four good buddy!" I actually want to get married that day.
60. I love the fall. It's my favorite season (this being another reason for a wedding on 10-4. Not just cause I'm a weirdo)
61. I adore Mexican food. Actually, I adore chips and salsa, tacos with no lettuce (including chicken enchiladas) and rice and beans.
62. I really like Philly Cheese steaks, but only with Meat and Cheese. No peppers, onions or anything. Jason and his friends tease me because evidently that's not a "real" Philly cheese steak. Oh well.
63. My favorite office supply is the Label Maker. I label everything. And I color-code things. Like AP/AR is in green file folders (green like money) and anything with a deadline is in a red folder. Employee folders are teal. I'm crazy like that.
64. My favorite board games are Scattegories (which I am definitely the champion at), Taboo or Catch Phrase (as long as I'm playing with my sister, Karissa or Joanna) and Compatibility. If you have not played Compatibility, you need to. It's only available at Barnes and Noble.
65. I like doing laundry, just not folding it or putting it away. I like the part about putting dirty clothes into the washer and then having clean clothes, just not the parts in between.
66. I have taken at least one picture per week since the beginning of the year. I am making a scrapbook of "52 weeks of memories" and so far have not had to cheat on any of them. That's nice.
67. I like to wear pointy-toed dress shoes. I feel they make my legs look longer and slimmer. I'm already tall, so who cares if I LOOK tall?
68. I have (almost) decided that I will be taking Macroeconomics and Sociology spring quarter. (one in class, one online. Probably Soc online)
69. Croissants make me laugh. They are so light and flakey it's just funny! :)
70. I am obsessed with photo booths. I love them. Mostly black and white, but I love the color too. Crazy!
71. I really like the song "Now we are Man and Wife" by Michelle Featherstone, but I really don't like the title! The chorus is really pretty, then at the end she kinda off-handedly says "Now we are man and wife" and then named the song that! Sucks. Would have loved it without that.
72. I like to write with medium point blue pens.
73. My brother, sister and I used to all share the room I currently have to myself.
74. My mom forgot about #73. I had to remind her of many of the circumstances surrounding that for her to remember. Suppressed? :)
75. The walls of my room are decorated with pictures of Seattle. I adore it.
76. I really don't like to decorate. I don't have a natural talent for it, but I know what I don't like.
77.I hate picking what to eat when going out. I don't really care about food at all - I would rather have an IV set up and get fuel from that then sit and take the time to eat a meal. And it's hard picking somewhere when I don't care cause I worry that the other person/people might. Jason hates this.
78. I cough after having dairy products and my throat swells up when I have bread. Usually both can be solved by drinking some sort of liquid.
79. I went to Alaska 6 days after I was born for my dad's step-dad's funeral.
80. I'm very nervous to have children. I think I might be one of those selfish people that is just not meant to have kids. Either that, or I will lose control of myself and be one of those nasty moms that just let herself go. Lose-lose.
81. I have 4 different aspects to my "look": 1) curly hair and contacts 2) curly hair and glasses 3) straight hair and glasses 4) straight hair and contacts. Today is an Option 4.
82. I love my camera. I love that it is small, I love that it has an AMAZING zoom. I love that Jason got it for me because he knew I would love it.
83. I like to read magazines in restaurants while eating by myself.
84. I have enough air miles to fly anywhere in the contiguous US for free, only on the weird schedules like Thursday at 11:58pm and coming back Tuesday at 3am. But it's free. Where should I go?
85. My favorite color right now is khaki. So versatile! After that it would be either pastel purple or pastel green. Coincidently, my bed is purple sheets with green pillows and a khaki bedspread. Wow.
86. I get "haunted" by visual images. I'm worse than a 6 year old. Like the preview for Planet of the Apes? The visual stuck with me for months. Because of this, I don't watch any scary movies. At all. This includes Sixth Sense and The Ring. Don't tell me they aren't scary, cause you don't know what scares me. :-p
87. My favorite class in high school was English. Next would be DECA.
88. My friend and I placed Nationally for DECA doing a team event. I can't remember which one. :)
89. I saw someone get a ticket today for blocking an intersection. As happy as I thought I would be to finally see that, I felt bad, cause they were only blocking a little bit.
90.I love to see movies, but have missed some big ones: Matrix 2 and 3, Lord of the Rings (any), Jurassic Park (any) Indiana Jones (any), and Harry Potter (any).
91. I have, however, seen all 5 versions of The Parent Trap. (Haley Mills original, the 3 sequels with the triplets, and the newer one with the red heads.)
92. I randomly quote things all the time (movies, songs, etc). This wouldn't be so bad if I was quoting things other people knew!
93. My family used to record tv shows and movies so we could watch them over and over (and so my parents could screen them) so my brother, sister and I know more random commercials than you could ever imagine. Seriously.
94. I went to a private school (The same one) from preschool-8th grade. I thought public school would be just like Saved by the Bell. It wasn't. I was shocked. (I'm not kidding)
95. I have what appears to be a Magic Scale. I stepped on it and saw xx5. (the x's were real numbers, I'm just not going to tell you which ones) I waited a minute and stepped on again and saw xx4. Whoa! Then I stepped on for a third time and saw xx3. They aren't kidding when they say the weight just falls off!! However, I think it's working fine because today I weighed myself and it says I lost 4 pounds since last Thursday. That must be right! :)
96. I have a scar on my right eyebrow from taking an ice skate to the head at a New Years Eve party in Jr. High.
97. I am participating in a 20-hour benefit crop at the end of April. 20 hours of scrap booking. GEEZ!!
98. I love eating ice cream. My favorite kind is chocolate and vanilla mixed together. :)
99. I actually lived on a road called "Licorice Lane" (in North Carolina)
100. I have worked for both Cingular Wireless and Verizon Wireless. I had Verizon for about 7 months, but other than that have been a faithful T-Mobile customer. :)

The end. WHEW!! That took a lot out of me. :)

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Ashley said...

Thank you for entertaining me! I am sick today (again!), stuck in bed, and reading this took my mind off of being sick for a while. I am with you 100% about scary movies. I also get scared visually. I was told The Ring would be different...I regretted that for more than a year. So I also stay clear of them.

Thanks for sharing all this stuff - it was fun to read.