Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm Old(er)!

Happy Birthday to Me!
I am old. 25 even. That's 1/2 way to 50. YIKES!
I went out to dinner with some friends last night. It was ridiculously fun, although I am feeling the "leftovers" a little today. Ha.
Waiting for our table:
Asia and I:
Me and Kimberley:
Asia gave me MAC eye brushes!! I'm a real girl now! :)
This is Courtney's daughter, Emma. She likes to eat butter. By itself. She's hilarious: Joe and Kimberley:
Clint and Jason (I guess Jenn was telling a really good story - they look like they are paying close attention)
Clint thinks pictures aren't funny. Oh and there's Adam:
Eye Heart Birthdays!!

In other news,

I have a 4.0. And I only have 8 more classes until I am DONE with my AA and can start "real" college, AND I am on BCC's Dean's List and have been invited to be in their greek honor student program thing. Fun fun fun. I'm a nerd.

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Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Becky and congrats on the good grades! How was scrapping on the 7th? Wish I could've made it.