Thursday, December 20, 2007

Decemeber 07 Scrappy Hour

So some of my friends and I actually got together to scrapbook.
I know.

I can hardly believe it too.

The cast of characters:


Asia has an amazing camera (Canon Digital Rebel XT) and she let me play with it. She rocks. And she makes ridculously cute/cool cards. And she has a ridiculously clean "workspace" compared to all the rest of us.

I really like this picture of her and Deanna, our favorite Mad Scrapper employee/owner.



(oh there's Marla AND Jenn)

And Andrea (Jenn's SIL):

Oh, and I was there too:

Some random cardstock: And a card I liked (those aren't mints, they are paper wrapped in celophane.) CRAZY!
It was fun. I got hardly anything done, but I expected that. :) Until next time...

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Asia said...

You can play with my camera any time, cause I don't seem to remember to take pictures! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!