Monday, January 29, 2007

Free School? OKAY!

SO...on top of my work reimbursing me for my Real Estate Class and paying outright (without me having to front the money first) for my test and renewal classes, I just found out that I get to go to school for the rest of the year FOR FREE. No joke.

Back in the '01 when I graduated from high school, I was awarded the Washington Award for Vocational Excellance. (WAVE) This was good for 2 years tuition at any WA state school as long as my GPA stays above a 3.0. and can be used anytime within 6 years. SWEET.

So my first quarter of college, free tuition, got mostly B's which was worse than high school, but enough to keep my scholarship. Winter quarter - not so good. Started getting the itch of "I-only-went-to-college-cause-I-wanted-to-get-away-not-cause-I-wanted-an-education" and decided social life was WAY more important than class. So I didn't get my scholarship spring quarter. Sucks. Then I left school and went to North Carolina, then came back, started working and have been wanting to go back to school.

Fast forward to this past September when I signed up for my Real Estate class...wonderful.
Wanted to start taking MORE classes, so I went and met with an advisor at the community college and discovered that I do still have a year's worth of credits left before I get my AA, but my Real Estate classes can count for some of that (and those can be done during work if I want to). So...I thought "Hey, I should call the WAVE people" and asked how many credits I have to be taking for a 3.0+ GPA to count towards my elligibility. Their answer? "More than one". "Do Technical College credits count?" (I took my real estate class there) "YES!" So I just found out that I can take the rest of the year's classes for free. No. Friggin. Way.

The next quarter doesn't start until March but I am SO EXCITED. I hate being in school, but I really want to use this since it's my final year of elligibility. It'd be nice to be working, going to school (for free) and paying off debt all at once. SO GLAD.


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