Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I think a main reason I feel very scattered lately is because I can't devote 100% to anything. I can't give 100% to my boyfriend because that would deny my family and friends (and vice versa.) I can't give 100% at work because there is stuff at home I'm waiting to accomplish too. I can't give 100% to working out because ...well...I'll get back to you with a reason, just know that I can't. ;) I know that 20% to most of these things would be good, but I can't seem to find the way to balance everything. Lately I feel like an emotional wreck who wants to get everything and give everything. That will wear a girl out.

I hate:
Watching a movie you remember loving and thinking you were wrong in liking it, second-guessing myself, whistling, people that color flowers with food coloring (there are so many colors of flowers already do you REALLY need it different?) chewed gum on the side of a plate, squinting (people wonder why I have 500 pairs of sunglasses, this is why), forgetting what I was going to say, having to ask for things that should be obvious, gossip (and the people that spread it), changing cat litter, bad tippers (and I've never been a waitress), places that serve Pepsi products without having Mountain Dew (you don't have Diet Coke OR Mountain Dew? Seriously? bring me a gun, then), forgetting things I always thought I'd remember (people's names from elementary school), the phrase "I digress", people that argue only to realize they are wrong and yet they keep arguing, the word "potential" (seems like most people mean "too-bad-you-could-be-great-but-you-suck", the fact that it has taken me 3 weeks to find a purse I'd like and I'm still looking, watering flowers, knowing someone has the wrong impression, bills.

I love:
Unexpected hugs, blueberry muffins, buying a cd for a specific song and realizing you like the rest of the songs even more than the original, Target, people that quote movies, people that can identify the movies I quote, friends that can see through my bull----, sleeping in, warm blankets on a cool night, when my cellphone lights up the half second before it starts to ring, finding pictures I forgot about, typing fast without making mistakes, being close to my siblings, gerbera daisies, people that take the time to learn my facial expressions, looking forward to something, airline reward trips, Hell's Kitchen and Last Comic Standing, a random email (no, myspace messages don't count), kissing my boyfriend, being crafty (even if I'm bad at it), people that take pictures (so I can be in a few too), playing Tetris, people that speak song lyics (most of them are hysterical), Jerry Seinfeld Stand-up, sirius radios, World Series of Pop Culture, new scrapbook stuff, text messaging, getting things on sale, driving.

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